What've you always wanted to ask... an Online Entrepreneur?
no BS answers guaranteed by #TrueStoriesWithGill  

I know what you might be thinking:

"Oh, not the 'online entrepreneur' again! Some dude got rich out of pure luck and is now going around bragging and giving 'inspirational speeches' with no substance whatsoever about how 'everybody can do it'"!

Well, it's exactly what I thought when Chad (the name of my next interviewee) reached out to me with his story, which I basically told him in his face.

But after three rounds of long emails I agreed to tell his story under the following conditions (which Chad partially suggested himself):

- I get to ask whatever I like (about exact amounts of money, numbers, strategies - everything), and Chad won't skip any questions

- Substance. Substance. Substance. I'll be calling any BS answer with no value (well, you know me, this is what I do anyways :D)

- No promotion. No links related to his businesses, except for one that is relevant to the story: his first business which success story he will be telling

We are actually in the final stages of the interview, and I've never learned so much from just one article!

Although I still wonder, why would a rich and successful dude reach out to me to tell his story with no strings attached?

Chad said it's because he believes everybody deserves to follow their passion, not just slaving at a random 9 to 5 job they hate, and get money for that. "Call me crazy!" he said.

So, here comes your unique opportunity to ask whatever you want, concrete questions about making money with an online business.

If I were you, I wouldn't miss it.

Bloggers, crafters, writers, consultants, sales guys - ask away! We'll try to take all the questions in the main interview which will be published next week on truestorieswithgill.com
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