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Nashville Roof Repair

Nashville homeowners who are in need of roof repairs of any type, whether a roof replacement, shingle repairs, repairs to a leak, or a completely new roof installation, can feel confident that the experts here at SmithCo Property Restoration Group, Inc. are here to handle all your Nashville Roof Repair needs. With so many home improvement and repair companies to choose from in the market today, surely consumers are looking for a company that will provide them with top-rated products and services project after project that are both reliable and dependable.

With that said, the professionals here at SmithCo Property are just the team for you. All our technicians, installers, roofers, and consultants are all licensed and certified and are fully trained in all aspects of home improvement. In addition to our typical training and experience, our teams are required to undergo training in customer service and communication as well. Understanding full well the importance of quality products and superior customer service, our company strives to deliver both at prices that are very affordable and in timelines that meet the needs of all our clients.
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Save Heat and Money this Winter with Energy Efficient Nashville Windows

We all know that energy savings products can certainly help us to not only save energy but save money as well. And surely that is something all homeowners, and people in general, pride themselves on being able to do – save money.

With that said, and the fact that the cold winter months are only a couple weeks away now, wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to conserve energy, keep your home and family warmer, and not hurt your pocketbook this winter? Surely, you can do just that. How, you may ask? Simple. By installing energy efficient Nashville windows in your home this winter. Older windows typically present with a wide range of problems, from leaks, warm air escaping the home to cold air getting in, energy savings minimized desperately, and the high cost of heating your home.

If you are looking for a practical and permanent approach to keeping your home and family warmer each and every winter, and want to enhance the overall value and the appearance of your home as well, then the experts here at SmithCo Property Restoration Group, Inc. strongly suggest you invest in replacement Nashville windows for your home.

Top of the Line Products and Services

The highly experienced and skilled installers and technicians here at SmithCo Property are committed and dedicated to providing all our Nashville and Middle Tennessee clients with top of the line products and services that simply will not be beat. Offering the most innovative, state of the art products, affordable prices, and customer service and satisfaction that is unmatched in the marketplace, we are confident that all our valued clients will experience 100% customer satisfaction with all our products and services.

Our team of experts is not only certified and licensed, but are trained in all aspects of customer service, communication and customer satisfaction. Each and every one of them strives to deliver products and services that meet the requirements of all our clients while affording them the peace of mind and confidence needed that their home heating needs and Nashville windows replacements are in the hands of some of the best of the best in the industry.

We are proud of our award winning presence in both the industry and marketplace and continue to receive outstanding customer reviews and feedback that exemplify the products and services that have earned us a spot at the top of the charts as the best all round property Restoration Company in all the region.

Why Invest in Nashville Windows for Your Home

Simply put, it is winter – which means that if your home has older windows, you may very well find yourself feeling a bit cold, even when inside your home and that you are spending a great deal of money to keep the temperatures inside your home warm and comfortable while the heat and air continues to leak out. If this sounds like the scenario in your home, then rest assured it’s time for you to invest in Nashville windows to increase your energy savings while reducing your out of pocket heating expenses.

The windows in your home can account for nearly 25% of your home heating bill, which is why it is so important to have the right energy efficient replacement windows installed today. Our Nashville windows are sure to help you save money along with your overall energy savings this winter and every winter hereafter. Our windows are designed for maximum efficiency so as to help you to save money.

If you are a homeowner that is still dealing with older windows in your home that don’t offer you any benefits at all, then it’s time to talk to the experts here at SmithCo Property to learn about all your replacement window options. With over 25 years of experience installing and repairing windows in Nashville and Middle Tennessee we are confident you find complete satisfaction in our highly reputable company.

Contact us today and let our qualified team of consultants and technicians assist you in making one of the most important investments in your home that will not only serve to increase your energy savings and minimize your high heating expenses, but will enhance the value of your home with their unique, elegant and attractive look.
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Don't Forget to Get That Roof Cleaned Before Winter Hits!

Every homeowner has that list of tasks to be performed before the cold winter months set in. One list every homeowner dreads is that all-important list of things to do to prepare your home for winter. Truly the list can be remarkably lengthy year after year with so many critical tasks to perform and one of those important tasks, that many times is forgotten, is getting that roof cleaned before the snow and ice make an appearance.

Many rooftops have moss, algae or lichen on them. Homeowners tend to think that they don’t have to bother cleaning the rooftop if winter is nearly here, but the truth is that these unsightly elements can still grow during the cold winter months, even when there are layers of snow on the roof. Therefore, procrastinating on having your roof cleaned because winter is almost here is not a good practice to get into since the moss, algae and lichen on your roof can and will spread quickly during the cold winter weather conditions.

What’s a Homeowner to Do?

At SmithCo Property Restoration Group, Inc. we are committed and dedicated to providing all our clients, old and new, with top of the line services, (home improvement and restoration) as well as quality products. We strive to deliver services that are unmatched in the region and are focused on providing services in timelines that are accommodating to both our clients’ and Mother Nature’s schedules. Though we specialize in roof repairs and installations we find it very important to advise all our customers to have their roofs cleaned before the snow begins to fall. It is important to use a biodegradable treatment that will not be affected by the snow, ice, or rain.

The fall season is the ideal time of year to have your roof cleaned and typically your roof cleaning will last a good two to three years. Cleaning your roof is surely an investment, but it is a definite investment you want to make since the overall procedure can preserve the lifespan of your roof and add to the value of your home. Most roof cleaning companies will offer some type of warranty on the work performed and the products used for the preventative treatment which is always a plus for homeowners.

With winter just around the corner the experts here at SmithCo Property Restoration Group suggest that clients schedule their roof cleanings now in the midst of the fall season so as to avoid any serious problems with the moss on their roof tops over time. If you reach out to a trusted roof cleaning company to take care of the overall appearance and condition of your roof, then that is one less task you need to add to your lengthy to do list this fall.

Don’t delay. Before the snow starts flying, the ice appears and the bitter, bitter cold sets in schedule your roof cleaning and rid your home of all that unsightly and unhealthy moss, lichen and algae. You definitely don’t want your home to be the eyesore of the neighborhood with accumulated masses of lichen, moss and algae, so take time out to contact a roof cleaning company today and give your rooftop the cleaning and facelift it deserves.

You’ll Be Glad You Did

When winter comes and goes and springtime sets in, having a rooftop that is not only free of moss, algae and lichen, but one that will be every bit appealing, is sure to be welcomed. We here at SmithCo Property Restoration are dedicated to the overall look, health, appearance and safety of all our clients’ roofs and homes, which is why we highly recommend scheduling a roof cleaning before winter makes its presence known. A clean roof makes for a safe and healthy roof and certainly a roof worth bragging about.

And don’t forget, if you are in need of any type of roof repair, or a new roof installation then look no further than the skilled technicians and installers here at SmithCo Property Restoration Group, Inc.
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Fall is here. Have you considered Gutter Replacement or Gutter Repairs before the Leaves begin to Fall?

Homeowners are typically committed to maintaining the structural integrity of their homes, their private castles. With Autumn here and the leaves beginning to turn and fall, gutter repair or gutter replacement may be a consideration for your home. Though a new roof, stylish vinyl siding, and new windows are obvious features that contribute to the structural integrity of your home, gutters also play a vital role. Properly installed and fully functioning gutters allow the rain water to flow from the surface of your roof down into the gutters and follow through to the downspouts where it quickly and effectively drains away from your house and maintains its overall structure and appearance.

If, however, your gutter system is not operating properly and is not delivering peak performance, then it’s time to think about gutter repair or replacing the system altogether in order to protect your home. It is vital that your gutters drain properly, which is why the experts here at SmithCo Property Restoration Group, Inc. are ready, willing, and able to take care of all your gutter system needs. Our highly skilled and experienced technicians are committed and dedicated to providing superior, top of the line services to all our clients, old and new, and strive to deliver services that are unmatched in the region at prices that are as attractive as they are affordable.

Gutter Repair and/or Replacement

In order for your home’s gutter system to work effectively and efficiently, the gutters should be slightly angled downward toward the system downspout and should be completely free of any type of debris accumulation or any clogs. If there is debris accumulated, clogs that are present, or your gutters are not positioned properly, then surely you will find that your gutter system is unable to function adequately for your home and it is time to repair your gutters. There are some obvious signs to look for when determining whether or not you need to repair or replace your gutters.

First and foremost, if you see that your gutters are overflowing consistently then you have a problem. There are a variety of reasons why your gutters would overflow from debris that is clogging the gutters and downspouts, to improper installation of the system. Regardless of what the cause of the overflow may be, it is critical to the well-being of your home that you have a thorough inspection and cleaning of your gutters performed.

We here at SmithCo Property Restoration Group, Inc. are experienced and equipped to perform all types of gutter system cleanings, repairs, and replacements. Our technicians will improve the overflow problem in no time at all. If you have improperly installed hangers on your system, we will repair them. If your gutters are too narrow to handle the amount of consistent rainfall you get, then we will recommend new gutters of proper measurements to be able to fully handle the amount of rain coming off of your roof during a storm, rather than to just repair your gutters. In addition, if your gutter runs are not properly sloped toward the downspouts, our experienced and top of the line technicians will repair them, and if need be replace them altogether.

Next, the age of your gutter system plays a significant role in its overall functionality and the handling of all your drainage problems. Perhaps your current gutters have cracks or holes in them, or their seams have leaks in them, then it would serve you best to replace your current gutters. You can choose to repair them, but keep in mind that over time the wind and heavy rainfall will simply continue to weaken the already damaged gutter system. Aluminum gutters tend to be damaged or bent quite often from broken tree branches as well, thereby causing structural damage to the gutter system and possibly to the home.

Finally, check to see if the hangers or straps that are used to affix your gutters to your home are secure and strong. These features are normally mounted on the fascia board and if installed improperly or worn out you will see wood rot to the fascia boards. In addition, if the hangers were not spaced close enough together during the initial installation, over time this improper spacing will cause the gutters to sag since the support is weakened. This will result in water pooling in lower sections which will cause an excessive strain on the hangers and eventually rip the gutters away from your home completely.

Superior Products and Services Every Time

At SmithCo Property Restoration, Inc. we fully understand the importance of a fully functioning, state of the art gutter system. We are aware that your gutters not only carry water off the roof of your home but away from your home as well, thereby protecting the overall structure, preventing any fascia board damage or foundation damage, and avoiding any erosion issues on your property as well. Though many homeowners are often tempted to simply try to put a temporary fix in place, we here at SmithCo Property advise all our clients with old, sagging gutters that are torn away from the house, or those that are too narrow to handle the water load, to consider replacing their gutter system so as to preserve the structural integrity of their home.

Fall is here and with fall, as we all know, come the falling leaves. Before the season is over, be certain to reach out to our professional team of gutter technicians to have a thorough inspection of your gutter system performed. If we determine you need to repair your gutters or replace the entire gutter system, then put the structural integrity of your home into our very capable and professional hands. Contact us today for your gutter system inspection and know that your home and family will be safe and warm during the upcoming cold months with the superior, leading edge products and services here at SmithCo Property Restoration, Inc.
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When is the Best time to Install a New Roof?

So you have finally determined that it’s time to replace that old leaking and unattractive roof of yours. Perhaps you have already determined the type of roofing as well as the color of the roofing materials you want, but are unaware of the best contractor for the job and when the best time or season to go for that new roof installation would be.

With these questions in mind, we here at SmithCo Property Restoration Group, LLC are committed and dedicated to providing the most top of the line, products and services to all our Nashville clients. We fully understand the importance of hiring a company and contractor that is not only trusted and reputable, but sensitive to the individual needs of each of our clients. We know how fearful clients can be when it comes to investing in a major home improvement project of not only the cost, but the overall services and products that will be provided.

That’s why we spend ample time consulting and talking with all our clients about all their home improvement needs, whether a new roof, a repair to an existing roof, window installations, new siding, gutter repairs and services and the likes. We provide all our clients with the insight needed to fully understand the depth of the services provided, the costs, the materials needed, the timelines required to efficiently and effectively perform all our services, and any other concerns that our clients may have. There is truly no project too big or too small for our expert teams which is why we have earned ourselves a position at the top of the charts as one of the best all round property restoration companies in all of Nashville.

When is the best time to perform a new roof installation?

SmithCo. Nashville Roof RepairOf course, it goes without saying, that the personal timing of our individual clients is the first priority when determining the appropriate timing on your new roof installation. Many times people have vacation or work travel plans, have visiting family coming in or have a wide range of other obligations as well which can affect the timing of your new roof installation.

Though these are important factors to take into consideration, it is also highly important to be aware of the specific technical considerations of a roof installation when trying to decide upon the perfect time to install. Depending upon the materials you choose to install, it may be necessary to take into consideration certain weather or temperature restrictions that may come into play when deciding upon the best timelines and timing.

We here at SmithCo are committed to providing our services, and especially our roof installations, in timelines that are fitting to our clients’ schedules and lifestyle. Regardless of the season, we strive to provide our top of the line services at prices that are not only reasonable but very affordable as well. It is certainly true that if homeowners request an install in our ‘not so busy’ season there are special benefits they will receive. If an install is scheduled in our off season and not in the fall months, for example, then clients are sure to receive a better price for the overall job. In addition, there will be a whole lot less frustration, time crunching, and stress, allowing for homeowners and roofers to share friendly, good relations and communicate throughout the project thereby resulting in a much better outcome for all.

Further, if roofers are not feeling pressured for time, the overall installation tends to be of an even greater quality since they are able to spend greater lengths of time, without feeling hurried, to perform your new roof installation. Finally, if you opt for a new roof installation in the so-called off season, then surely there will be little to no wait at all for your roof installation project to get started and to be completed.

Fast, Reliable and Quality Services

The expert teams here at SmithCo fully understand how anxious homeowners can be when conducting any type of home improvement project. With that in mind, we strive to provide all our services in timelines that are fitting to your individual wants and needs. Though fall is a remarkably busy time of year to install a roof, we recommend to all our clients that they put their individual needs first when making a scheduling decision. Yes, the majority of roofers want to install a roof in the fall months since the temperatures are quite fitting to the task at hand, but our certified and licensed roofers and installers are here to meet the needs of our valued Nashville clients, regardless of the season.

If you are in need of a new roof installation and are wondering when the best time to install a new roof would be, the answer to that question is simply when the install best fits YOUR schedule. If you are looking to enjoy some extra benefits, then surely avoid the fall months for your install and perhaps give focus to the comfortable April, May and June spring months instead.

Give a shout out to our trusted and highly professional team today with any questions or concerns you may have. Rest assured we will have all the answers you are looking for along with the most leading edge products and services as well. Contact us today. We look forward to serving you!
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The Importance of Regular Roof Cleaning

Homeowners are often challenged when it comes to the maintenance of their home’s roof. Experts recommend that roofs should be cleaned periodically and that there are truly a number of good reasons why it makes sense to perform regular roof cleaning.

Why regular roof cleaning?

For starters, cleaning your roof will most assuredly restore beauty to your home. A dirty, stained roof has the tendency to take away from the overall appearance of your home and, if abundant, can become an eyesore of the neighborhood. Homeowners find it perfectly normal to power wash and clean their home’s siding, driveways, sidewalks, and even their porches and decks. So why does it seem so far fetched to put time and effort into regularly cleaning your roof? Regardless of the many other landscaping and home improvements you perform, the presence of unsightly dark stains on the roof of your house almost makes all the other maintenance task efforts performed in vain.
Cleaning your roof is a practical way of avoiding premature re-roofing or other roof issues. If you can perform regular roof cleaning and avoid the expensive cost of re-roofing projects, then why not take the steps necessary to accomplish this important task.
The dark stains on your roof actually cause damage to your roof. The organisms contained within the stains and on your roof’s surface, most of the time being algae and/or moss, feed off of materials and components of your shingles which ultimately results in damage to your roof’s shingles as well as unsightly, unattractive stains.
The algae or moss that is present on your roof can and will have negative effects on the state of your roof primarily by attracting animals to your home, allowing these very animals to eventually find their way into your attics. In addition, the algae and moss penetrate the shingles on your roof, and over time, can cause wood to rot again attracting animals. When cleaning your roof, you take away the smell of rotting wood, mildew and mold, which is what animals are drawn to and thereby minimize the chances of a critter infestation on your roof or in your attic.
In addition to the above-mentioned reasons why cleaning your roof is so important to your home, just the mere fact that removing unsightly stains from your roof will actually give your home a more appealing look and can ultimately make you the envy of your neighbors and friends. Unsightly stains do take away from the overall appearance of the home and can result in damage and costly repairs to your roof as well.

Should you find your roof has been damaged as a result of excessive algae, moss, lichens and other roof damage, then surely you have come to the right place. The experts here at SmithCo Property Restoration Group are certified and licensed to perform all types of roof repairs, restorations and new installations. Having earned ourselves a spot at the top of the leaderboard in the Nashville Roofing marketplace, our friendly and highly professional technicians and installers are committed to providing top of the line roofing services, repairs and installations to all our Nashville area clients. With our superior customer satisfaction ranking, our team remains steadfast in providing roofing services that are unmatched in the marketplace. Recognized as your ‘go to’ company for all your roofing needs, we here at SmithCo Property Restoration Group are proud to deliver superior products and services at affordable prices to all our valued clients.

If you are in need of any type of roof repairs, or are in the market for a new roof, then give a shout out to the experts here at SmithCo Property Restoration Group today. There is nothing quite as eye catching and appealing than a newly installed roof or a properly upgraded roof. Why not be the talk of your neighborhood with a roof upgrade, repair or installation from our award-winning group today?
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So you have finally decided it’s time to hire yourself a siding contractor to put vinyl siding on your family’s home. With so many siding contractors available in the Nashville area today, we fully understand how difficult a task it can be to find and choose the perfect, professional Nashville siding contractor for your individual siding needs.

At SmithCo Property Restoration Group, Inc. we pride ourselves on our superior, top of the line services and our quality products as well as our affordable prices and our ‘can’t be beat’ customer service and satisfaction rating. All our siding technicians are licensed and certified to perform siding projects and a wide range of other renovations projects and services as well.

With a simple mission statement of maintaining our 100% customer satisfaction rating, we here at SmithCo Property Restoration Group, Inc. strive to deliver our leading edge siding services to all our Nashville and surrounding area clients. We fully understand the importance your home improvement project has on you, your family and your pocketbook which is why we remain steadfast in providing all our industry recognized siding services at prices that are every bit attractive as they are affordable, and timelines that are accommodating to the lifestyles and schedules of all our valued clients.

Having been billed as your go to company in all of Nashville for all your siding and other home improvement projects, the teams here at SmithCo Property Restoration Group, Inc. are proud of our highly reputable presence in the marketplace and industry and our expansive customer database that continues to grow day after day, year after year.

A Nashville Siding Contractor with all the Experience and Know How you Need

Before you sign on the dotted line, you want to be certain that your contractor of choice, as is the case with our highly reputable company, has maintained a successful business in your local area for a few years, and that they have a reputable business and name. Such is the case with SmithCo Property Restoration Group, Inc.

In addition, you should always protect your siding renovation project by confirming that your siding contractor is fully licensed and/or registered to perform the work and verify that they have adequate liability insurance in place as well. Again, SmithCo Property Restoration Group, Inc. is not only licensed and certified, but holds all necessary liability and other insurances required for the professional operation of our successful property restoration business.

We are also happy and proud to provide all our potential new customers with references and photos of other remodels and renovation projects we have done in our efforts to assure clients we have an attractive and very professional contractor’s portfolio to present.

Further indications that you have chosen a professional and very reliable contractor is reflected in the job quote or estimate that is provided. When providing a project quote to our clients, we include the costs for all labor, materials, waste removal, permits and any other important elements that are necessary for the project. There are no hidden costs with us and all our clients can be sure that their estimate includes all expenses and costs upfront and will not be altered or adjusted at the completion of the project.

Finally, we provide warranties on all our work performed, and assign an on-site project manager that will be present from the start to finish of your home improvement project. Your project manager is available to answer all your questions or discuss any concerns you may have with regard to the ongoing project as well as the project completion timelines and scheduling.

Now that you are finally ready to tackle your home siding renovation project, you can feel confident that you have come to the right place. Here at SmithCo Property Restoration Group, Inc. not only will you receive quality services and products, affordable prices, and convenient timelines and schedules, but you will become a part of our friendly family here in the Nashville area. SmithCo Property Restoration Group, Inc. – a family of friendly, qualified professionals that you can always count on and trust!!
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Time for that Window Replacement Project?
Are you a homeowner looking for a professional, highly experienced window repair and replacement company for your home in Nashville? A company that will deliver the most state of the art, superior window installation project in convenient timelines, at attractive prices and with little to no hassle at all? Then surely you have come to the right place. At SmithCo Property Restoration Group, we know how important your window replacement project is to your family’s home and further recognize that your home improvement project is a true investment in your home. With that said, we fully understand that being such a large home investment, our Nashville customers want to know that the job will be performed efficiently and effectively with no room for error. Whether windows, doors or skylights, we have you covered. Our superior window products add comfort and beauty to your home and are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Whether you are in need of simple window repairs such as foggy window glass repair or are looking to perform full window replacements in your home, you can be assured that our fully licensed and certified installers will provide you with top of the line services that will add to the style and grace of your home and make you the envy of all your family and friends. With decades of experience, our expert teams of installers are committed to providing superior services at prices that are every bit affordable. With customer satisfaction our primary focus, we at SmithCo Property Restoration Group strive to deliver services and products that are truly unmatched in the marketplace.

Understanding the importance of schedules, our team will work alongside you every step of the way in creating and managing the ideal installation timelines that work with your busy schedules and those of your family members as well. All work performed is performed to industry and OSHA standards with minimal interruption to your home and family life.
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