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Here is the announcement of the next meeting from Jefferson County
Genealogical Society. There are many groups around  the country, so
there's probably a local one not far from you. This is a great group
with a lot of wonderful meetings in the area where...

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Wordless Wednesday- Martisco Rail Station

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5 Ways To Get Your Genealogy Done
I've been overwhelmed since an early age! Does it ever seem to you like there’s never enough time to
work on your genealogy? Or that you work on it, but there’s never enough time
to get done what you want to do? I always seem to be feeling this way to a

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Wordless Wendesday- Old Sturbridge Village Animals

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In Honor of Mother's Day
My Maternal Line: My Mom- Alice Wooster Ward Grandma- Alice Jennings Wooster Great-Grandma- Sarah Damery Jennings

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Wordless Wednesday- A Rainy Day in 1838, Old Sturbridge Village

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Upcoming CNYGS Meeting- May 20th

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Wordless Wednesday- Random Scenes from NERGC 2017

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NERGC 2017 in Springfield
Well, I am exhausted. My head is in a whirl. I’ve written a
“To Do” list that is one notebook page long for just genealogy projects. And I
am anxious to work my way down all of this! What produces all this you might ask?
A genealogy conference! A scene from...

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Wordless Wednesday- Groton Oddities

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