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I break crappy code
I break crappy code

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Still a couple of tickets left. Spend an hour with me. We'll talk about speaking at tech conferences and I'll share what has worked for me.

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I can't remember the last time I went to a concert... Getting old sucks.

But for this blast from the past, I'm totally there. (HT +Tim Legler for the heads up.)

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Want to be a better developer team? I?m speaking @dallasphp Tuesday: "Building rock solid software (in the real world)"

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Unit testing headers in PHP
There's plenty of questions about unit testing code that sets headers using PHPUnit. PHPUnit officially assumes that neither the test code nor the tested code emit output or send headers: (from

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Hey, I know that guy!

Interest in git? Check out this Day Camp 4 Developers, all about your favorite version control system.

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My weekend is shaping up nicely.

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In the Dallas area? Use git or PHP? You should be at my talk next Tuesday!

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Mind blown.

Wow... Way to go Stubhub! If I wanted to talk to someone on the phone, I wouldn't be using their website...

Hi! This is Jessica G. with StubHub Customer Support. How can I assist you today?
Omni:  Your signup form won't accept my phone number, which is preventing me from giving you money.
Jessica G.:  I'm sorry that you're having issues signing up, Omni. I'll be happy to help you.
Jessica G.:  There are some kinds of numbers that are restricted.
Jessica G.:  To resolve this quickly, I actually recommend you finish registering with our site by calling Sales. You can reach them at 866-788-2482 ext. 1, and they are open right now.
Jessica G.:  They can finish setting up your account, and see about getting your number added.
Jessica G.:  Otherwise, is there anything else I can help you with tonight?
Omni:  Nope. I'll see if there's another site that will accept my phone number in exchange for my business.
Jessica G.:  I wish you the best of luck, and thanks for checking out StubHub.
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Today we're announcing something big: API Management 2.0! This is an entirely new management interface and dashboard, built from the ground up to provide more flexibility, more powerful management features, new reporting options, and a comprehensive set of APIs for true cross-enterprise API management, all under the Intel Services umbrella:
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