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Mock-up of the front cover!

Breaking News: The Backer Kit surveys are going out this weekend. If you backed the Kickstarter campaign, look for an email soon!


If you're going to be at GenCon 2018, or know anyone who will be, let them know to stop by Games on Demand - Hyatt Regency Cosmopolitan Ballroom B.

I am "officially" offering Infinite Galaxies in the Friday 10am - 2pm slot. I am planning to offer an additional game at some point - check back later for a time and place.

I hope to see you there!

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We have a cover! This is the artwork ONLY and does not include the cover text and mockup.

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Yes, we now have a professional-looking landing page for Infinite Galaxies! Please check it out!

One of the new features is a mailing list. You can add yourself to this mailing list to get the latest updates about the game!
Infinite Galaxies
Infinite Galaxies

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Coming to Origins? Look for me in one of these shirts!

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Anyone attending Origins 2018 on Friday or Saturday - if you are interesting in wearing a promotional Infinite Galaxies T-Shirt, let me know.

Hello, fellow travelers!

Work on the Core Rules continues. We're getting ready for Origins 2018 and we have some news.

The manuscript is in the editing stage. We have sent 6 chapters to the editor and more are coming.

We have some interior art. We have a tentative cover piece. We have some logo samples.

Things are coming together.

More to come soon!

It's been a while since I posted an update, so here's where the manuscript stands.

I have sent Chapters 4 through 8 to the editor and she is working on them now. These chapters comprise the character-related material - character creation, playbooks, advancement, gear, and vessels - and I believe these to be the most important part of the book.

Next up, I am starting work on Part 1, which is about introducing the game and explaining how to rules work.

In art-related news, we are getting sketches from the cover artist and have entered into a basic agreement with one of the interior artists. I am hoping to have samples to show soon.

More to come!
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