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Chanse Lowell
Writer of historical fiction, science fiction, and erotica.
Writer of historical fiction, science fiction, and erotica.

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(I have been asked by some of my readers to share some of my recent play experiences with my two new Daddy Dom play partners. Before we get started, I’ll let you know upfront my play partner gave me permission to write about this play session with him… Mayb...

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Interview and guest post by Lissa Bryan
I was very honored to be interview by Lissa Bryan about my perspective on Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn. She did a guest post on her blog that went live yesterday, but I wasn't able to share it until tonight since I wasn't able to get online last night. She wa...

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Harkham's Case and Harkham's Choice on sale this weekend
To celebrate the release of Harkham's Corner, Harkham's Case is free this weekend from today, December 13th through December 15th. Harkham's Case: In addition, Harkham's Choice is on sale for $.99 for today and tomorrow....

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Harkham's Corner live!
Yay! Harkham's Corner, the third and final installment in the Harkham's series is now live and available through Here's the link: So excited to share the final book with my readers. Thank you all for your patie...

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ARCs for Harkham's Corner are going out now!
Better late than never, or so that's what Adam says... I had meant to get these ARCs out much sooner, but such is life. It's ready now, and being shipped to you, my lovely readers. Thank you for your patience. I'm seeing a new Daddy Dom, finishing up school...

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Harkham's Corner update
Harkham's Corner was supposed to be published today. Obviously, that did not happen. It's not quite ready. I figured I'd have more time to finish with the edits and proofing, but just wasn't able to get it done. So sorry to push back the publishing date onc...

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A Light in the Window -- a short story
As some of you are aware, I'm in school taking some online classes. One of them is a creative writing course. I just wrote this short piece for a grade, and thought maybe some of my readers who enjoy my historical fiction stuff with Henry VIII and Anne Bole...

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Harkham's Corner news
The good news is Harkham's Corner pre-reader copies are going out today and tomorrow. My editor will be receiving it today as well. The bad news is real life has swamped me, so I had to push back the release date until November 22nd. I apologize for those o...

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computer issues and other news...
I'm sure some of you are wondering where Harkham's Corner is, why the ARCs haven't gone out and why the fan fic version is still up and available... Well, I've had constant internet issues at my house and my laptop decided to stop charging and is dead. I've...

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Harkham's Choice is live! Harkham's Case on sale!
It's finally here! Harkham's Choice is now available for purchase on Amazon! Pick up a copy today, and while you're at it, Harkham's Case will be on sale from September 17th, until the 20th, for $.99! Tell anyone you know that the first book in the series h...
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