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Michael Iwasaki
Founder and managing partner of the news distribution website
Founder and managing partner of the news distribution website

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In a world where content marketing is so important, coming up with ideas for a press release while incorporating your content marketing efforts can be difficult. has some ideas to help you with your next press release - be sure to check them out here:
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So what is the rage with socially integrated newsrooms? Newsrooms have come a long way in the last 5 years.

They no longer cost tens of thousands of dollars, previously making them exclusive to ‘Big Company’ only. Some newsrooms are ‘self-building’ which eliminates the need for programming skills. This means they automatically build as you post articles, press releases, images, etc. Some fully integrate with your social media and journalists directly so that every time you post to your newsroom, your newsroom followers, your social media and journalists are all simultaneously updated at the same time.

What are some benefits of having a newsroom?
- Increased online visibility and presence
- An excellent tool for integrating content marketing
- Schedule posts from your newsroom to your social media
- The ability to store high resolution images for media to easily access
- Your information immediately available to journalists
- A place to keep your media kits for easy access
- Highlight where you have been featured in the news

Newsrooms continue to grow in popularity, making it easier for journalists, researchers and customers to be kept up to date of what is going on in your business. Do you have a newsroom?

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With the prominence of content marketing - many have begun to engage the use of a press release service as a part of their strategy.

Press releases and content marketing: Let's dive right into things. These two strategies of brand building have two features in common. They have both been in existence forever and neither of them are going away anytime soon. They will always exist in some form or another.


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Videos can Help Increase Sales When Used Within a Press Release.

Let's face it. We are visual and we are lazy. We like to hear stories and we like people to read to us. That's why being able to watch a video is even better.

Full story...

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Content Marketing, Press Distribution and Social Media, a Perfect Marketing Balance for 2017 Explained.

The New Year is now upon us, our holiday heads have recovered and many look to either strategize their marketing efforts for their year ahead; or are putting finishing touches on what they already started in the Fall.

Although the basic principles of marketing have remained constant, the channels and methodologies are continually evolving and shifting based on consumer behavior and changes in technology.

Marketing is not a single silo effort; it is a toolkit of marketing tools that, when used effectively, complete the effort. A few basic tools in this toolkit include your social media channels, use of a press release service (24-7 Press Release Newswire) and content marketing. (cont...) 

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Looking to submit a press release over the holidays? Is the time between Christmas and New Years a good time since the financial markets and big companies are typically quiet? You be the judge....
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For those parents that show their children the NORAD Tracks Santa site, they now also have a newsroom that can be FOLLOWED that will keep you up to date of information as it happens or click on the NEWSLINE360 'N' icon off their main site at - Very cool!!
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