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Moonlight and Me
I am sure we all have some horrible memories from childhood.
No matter how cool, attractive or rich you may be, adolescence is hard. So this
isn’t a ‘poor me’ post, more of a cleanse. I watched Moonlight last night. Finally. Why did I never
hear about it? I...

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Bill Cunningham's Golden Ticket to NYC
Bill Cunningham , the iconic street and social photographer for the New York Times  solidified my life in New York City. I was at a MAO fashion show. Heatherette?
I can’t recall, but I wore my most coveted Westwood suit, thrift store Pucci (for Saks!) tie a...

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An Ode to Pop and his Preppiness
It seems odd to me that both my
paternal grandmother and maternal (step) grandfather are both still alive yet
we have divvied up all of their possessions. I guess it shows the era we are
living in, where people just live, live live and their existence gets ...

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Discovered a Belle Epoque diary from Mr. Cator's trip to Paris with an apparently, very special friend...

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Cator Woolford's Paris Adventure 1909
I can't recall the first time I opened this divine little leather bound book, but I can tell you it has been in my bedside table at my parents house for years and I have flipped through it's pages after many a cocktail party, dreaming of Belle Epoque Paris....

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The Great Danube Cruise, Final Day - Budapest
Today is the last say of the trip and I am exhausted.
I really blew a gasket. While the ride in was truly awe inspiring, a day of
touring was not looking exciting. But we did it!   The morning
tour was an overview of Budapest. It is a glorious city and lear...

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The Great Danube Cruise, Vienna Day Two
After the anticipation of yesterday, today was more
relaxed but I still overexerted myself. We started off with a bus tour of the
city.  We stopped on the main shopping drag and I found one of the shops I had
heard about, Knize. Sadly, like the reviews I re...

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The Great Danube Cruise, Vienna Day One
I woke up this morning as excited as a little kid
before the circus. We woke up at 7 and caught a cab to the train station in
Melk at 8am. As we left the boat the towering abby in Melk loomed grandly and
gilded above us. It was almost exciting not to visit ...
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