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Romain Janvier

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#OpenMVG "Pangio kuhlii" v1.0 is out!

*Thanks to the community for using the project and realizing more & more challenging projects!* (see recent work of +Cícero Moraes on bird prosthesis)

*What's new:

*OpenMVG core:*

Geometry module:
- Enhanced HalfPhane object's intersection (add bounding box to camera frustum intersection)
- Add a FishEye camera model (nice fit for GoPro images).
- affine detector (MSER/TBMR),
- support of feature filtering thanks to image mask
easy removing of unwanted part (avoid specific image object like removing the car footprint in street mapping sequences)
- faster rotation averaging,
- enhanced translation averaging (can handle any combination of n-uplet of relative translations). 2-view estimates can be mixed with 3-view and n-view estimates.
SfM/Bundle Adjustment:
- optional usage of Weighted GCP,
- precise control over which intrinsic parameters will be optimized
(ex ADJUST_FOCAL_LENGTH|ADJUST_DISTORTION => will keep principal point fixed).

*General enhancement:*

- full support of ARM target (ready to be used on Raspberry & co.),
- added continuous integration for VISUAL STUDIO thanks to AppVeyor.
- AC-RANSAC is 20-40% faster thanks to a residual error quantification,
- multi-threaded computation of features => see n option on main_ComputeFeatures,
faster Incremental & Global SfM pipelines,
- faster IO for the matches and sfm_data files.
Memory usage:
- make some parts use twice less memory than before.
OpenMVG exporter:
- OpenMVG provides its own exporter for OpenMVS.
- WIP: doxygen documentation

Congrats to +Romain Janvier & +Romuald Perrot & +cDc Seacave for their valuable contributions!
Thanks to +Pierre Yves Paranthoën for dataset sharing for the FishEye camera model validation.

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Playing a bit with Fish-Eye lens...

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Mixing the Fish-eye model and conventional radial models with #openMVG . This acquisition was made by PRISME lab, Université d'Orléans, France.
Saint-Martin-de-Tours. Tower Charlemagne. 588 photos. more than 500 with a 15 mm Fish-eye mounted on a 6D camera (+24mm and 100 mm lenses). +Pierre Moulon
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Full camera-ready paper pdfs and extended abstracts can be accessed from the CVPR program page -
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