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+Mark Fortner What do you suppose the Mayans said that needs to be right/wrong? no Mayan said that the last date on their calendar was the end.
+Erick Powers I was being facetious.
+Mark Fortner it is impossible to gather that from 5 words, no body language, and an emoticon. especially from the emoticons which are over used.

understanding when someone is being facetious over the internet is next to impossible.
One thing's for sure.  All religions will be gone when the last star burns out.  And google will implement real emoticons.  ;)
Eric, that word you use—impossible—I do not think it means what you think it means.

I understood perfectly well that Mark was being facetious, and was quite surprised that you did not!

Of course, I'll happily believe it's impossible for you to parse emotional content from text... ;)
It is completely impossible to discern sarcasm from plain text.
Well there goes literature then. Oscar wilde must be rolling in his grave :-/ 
All of us are in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars dying.
Oh no! I may only have another 14 billion years to live. Me being sarcastic in case you don't get it.
Context, and giving people the benefit of the doubt, can help when attempting to determine whether a person intends the face value of a statement or is presenting it facetiously.
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