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"Better a sore bottom than a deadly bottom line." Debunking the anti-vax myth.
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The real myth is that anti-vaxxers kill more kids than poverty.
But anti-vaxxers kill children. Just check what how many children have died in England because vaccination grade gone down under 90%, from above and no children died.
Just check Wikipedia, and sources from there.
+Anders Jackson sure, England, you don't even have real homelessness over there.

"only 8% of underimmunization is related to parental perception of the immunization process. Poverty and its associated factors are an enormous barrier to health care in general, and both preventive services and vaccination are no exception." --
I'm not from or living in England, so I wouldn't know. If you asked me 10 years ago, I would have agreed with you. Now I'm not that shore. In Sweden it's getting worse, as current government is dismounting our social insurances. And you can actually see that. :-(
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