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Fairly Green - Kale: How Good Is It?
I am trying to get back on track with my health and eating habits. So
far, so good. I actually have been walking/exercising more and eating
healthier since my return from Australia. I
decided to look into kale - it seems to be the new "hot" green to have...
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Do You Really Need a New Years Resolution?
Another January is here and we are presented with a clean slate to
change things up if we want to. I wonder whether I should . Will I give
up in a few weeks? Why bother, I ask myself. And it's always the same
for me - exercise more, eat better. So ...
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De-Stress with Food
The holidays are right around the corner….I know, scary isn’t it. 83% of
Americans agree that stress can have an impact on their health, but
only 29% say they know how to handle stress well. We all know that
exercise helps stress, but did you know a vari...
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8 Cool Cucumber Facts
Cucumbers are in your shopping cart occasionally, right?  Well here are 8 reasons to add cucumbers to your diet more often.  Alkalize you...
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