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In the wake of #IStandWithAhmed the name Taylor Wilson has come up numerous times. People are comparing a 14 year old who disassembled a clock, put it in a metal case and took it to school to show his teacher with a 14 year old who created his own Fusion Reactor and built a radiation detector (which normally cost 100's of 1,000's of dollars) for only a few hundred dollars, later going on to create a FISSION REACTOR which can provide 30 years of energy but doesn't require weapons grade uranium. The part that bothers me about this comparison is when people say that Taylor did not get into trouble because he's white. Ever heard of David Hahn? He was also white and at the age of 17, attempted to build a breeder nuclear reactor, earning him the title of Radioactive Boy Scout and leading to his arrest (even though he was white). His work shed was then buried underground somewhere in Utah as low-level radioactive waste.

Now, on the bright side, Taylor went on to earn a lot of money in the form of research grants for his work. Ahmed has also earned a sizable amount in the form of donations and free school offers from people who support his future ventures. Both of these boys get to share the spotlight at the White House and will be honored as Google Science Fair entrants (not concurrently).

Taylor's story began much like David Hahn's, with a brilliant, high-flying child hatching a crazy plan to build a nuclear reactor. Why did one journey end with hazmat teams and an eventual arrest, while the other continues to produce an array of prizes, patents, television appearances, and offers from college recruiters? Despite both being white?

The answer is, mostly, support. Hahn, determined to achieve something extraordinary but discouraged by the adults in his life, pressed on without guidance or oversight—and with nearly catastrophic results. Taylor, just as determined but socially gifted, managed to gather into his orbit people who could help him achieve his dreams: the physics professor; the older nuclear prodigy; the eccentric technician; the entrepreneur couple who, instead of retiring, founded a school to nurture genius kids. There were several more, but none so significant as Tiffany and Kenneth, the parents who overcame their reflexive—and undeniably sensible—inclinations to keep their Icarus-like son on the ground. Instead they gave him the wings he sought and encouraged him to fly up to the sun and beyond, high enough to capture a star of his own.

Fortunately Ahmed is getting the support of every person who's read any article that mentions his name and any critics are immediately labeled racists and Islamophobes. With good guidance and discipline, he will go far in life. He already has the funding and contacts, which are two things many child prodigies will never find. I have a long list of students that I know of that won't ever get an invite to the White House because no matter how ground-breaking their research is, they just don't have the publicity. I only wish more students would show up to school with unidentified electronics and they could all get a free ride to MIT and tweets from the POTUS. Do you think this could be the beginning of a new trend?
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Second this whole heartedly. More funding along the lines of what Newt Gingrich and Elizabeth Warren are working towards, more publicity like the two of them desperately want. Too often I hear how the clock wasn't that sophisticated. So? What Maker didn't start out piecing things back together again without much skill? I remember us all being fascinated by toasters when we were kids. Really elaborate stuff there...

The boy was clearly, clearly, proud of what he does and has a nice work space so does more on the side. Why shouldn't a teacher smile and say "This looks great. Tell me more about it after class. Now is english, but in 50 minutes it can be something else for a moment." Rather than telling him to put it away (or think someone puts timers on bombs)? Mind you though, this is a school district that has this fucking priority with box seats for a stadium instead of anything nerdish.
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This is Riddikulus in the best sort of way. Boggart Snape by Daryl Aspery:
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Larry isn't with us anymore.  snicker  Yeah... he bit the big one. guffaw
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Feral cats are a huge problem in some areas. Roaming freely in cities and in rural settings and reproducing with reckless abandon, colonies of feral cats can exhibit nuisance behavior that often results in unpleasant measures being taken to control their…
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How hot does your 3D printer’s hot end get? Most low cost printers heat up to 240°C (464°F) at the most because they contain PEEK which starts to get soft if you go much higher. Even a metal hot end with active cooling usually won’t go much higher than…
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If you do web dev, or run your own presentations, watch this one.
It's one of the best short coding presentations I've seen in a long time.  Lots of good content, amusing without wasting time on it, even explains "why" and "how do you fix it" for quite a few complex details.
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Feature request!  A single-list widget.

I primarily use Trello as a solo developer, and the only widget available now is to show things assigned to me, which is always empty.  Assigning myself to a bunch of small tasks often takes longer than typing them out, so I never do it, but this makes the widget useless.

The main reason I'm interested is that this way I'd be able to have my "to do" list visible on my homescreen.  Or for other projects, todo + done widgets, which would make morning stand-up meetings awfully simple :)  Otherwise tbh I often forget about Trello, because I have to use other apps for high-visibility todo lists.
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This would be an excellent addition.
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Yawning pelican. [imgur]

I want to know why evolution thought this was necessary.

who rigged this pelican? because they didn’t do a very good job.
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Faxing this to myself in the future...
We’ve just released a new version of the Android Testing Support Library

This is mainly a bug fix release which includes fixes for Android Marshmallow, JaCoCo Code Coverage, Test Sharding and a more reliable way to close and synchronize with the Android software keyboard. For a comprehensive overview of the new features and fixes please refer to our release notes[1]. To get started with the latest version of ATSL, follow these instructions[2].

With this release we’re also announcing the deprecation of Android-Test-Kit [3]. We created a brand new website[4] dedicated only to ATSL. This website contains documentation, samples, downloads and more. Our support forum has also moved to a new home and can be found here[5].

The samples on github[6/7] have been updated to reflect the latest version of ATSL. New bugs should be filed against our new component on the AOSP bug tracker[8/9] and last but not least, we have a new logo, yay :-)

Happy testing from the ATSL team +Stephan Linzner, +Nick Korostelev & +Jose Alcérreca

[1] Release notes -
[2] Getting started -
[3] Android-test-kit -
[4] ATSL github page -
[5] Support forum -
[6] Testing samples -
[7] Testing blueprint -
[8] ATSL bug -
[9] ATSL feature -

#androidTesting #buildBetterApps
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This just sidled to the top of my feed. 😕
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Save the date! The inaugural Android Dev Summit is coming to Mountain View, CA on November 23rd-24th, 2015. Join us for 2 days of deep technical sessions from and networking with the Android engineering team. Reg details will be shared soon. We'll also be live streaming for those who wish to tune in remotely. Hope you can join us as we delve deep into the open mobile platform that powers over 1 billion active devices!

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When your standard scarecrow just isn't working... Giant Japanese Straw Dinosaur:
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It would be cool to have a corn maze with straw statues within!!!
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Kinda makes you wonder what's next...
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Best pool is best. Definitely worth going here if you're ever in the area.
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Convenient location, decent prices, and I think I remember the food being worth the money. Coffee is "meh" bordering on "almost bad" though, sadly. Head to Peets a couple blocks down if you need coffee.
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Top notch coffee. Roughly on par with Mazarine or Coffee Cultures, it's some of the best you can get in the area. Only? serves Ritual. Open from ? to about 3:30 during work days.
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Easily the best vegetarian place I've found. Dishes are distinct and tasty, veg are fresh and varied, and price and portions are about right.
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Quality: ExcellentAppeal: ExcellentService: Excellent
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