As promised, I'm working on a little KBBQ 101 Overview to show you the ins and outs of dining at a KBBQ restaurant. In the meantime, thought I'd share this album of our Mother's Day KBBQ meal.

As a 1/2 Korean woman who cooks every day, I'll add that I have long been over the cook-it-yourself KBBQ experience for a few reasons:

- In our culture, women are expected to ensure that the food gets cooked (and properly so) and that everyone else is well and properly fed before we are. I do this shit every day at home and therefore, it is not my idea of a good time when I go out to eat. But my dad and my kids love the experience and the food, so we go for them. I did declare on Sunday, however, that this Mother's Day is the last Mother's Day we go to KBBQ. Father's Day? OK. But Mother's Day? No mas. ;)

- In my increasingly hermitic way of being, I have taken a liking to a certain peace and quiet when I eat - specially for a special occasion. KBBQ at a restaurant is both an aurally and visually cacophonous experience. And while I can totally see how it is fun and exciting for other people, I'm not digging it so much at this point in my life. I may change my mind later. We'll see.

- I hate coming out of the restaurant smelling of KBBQ and smoke for the rest of the day.

- Also, Cham Sut Geol remains our family's favorite KBBQ place in Garden Grove. I chose The Pine because I just wanted to give another place a try, and it disappointed. But for the purposes of your viewing pleasure, let's just pretend the food tasted as good as it looks and that the service wasn't awkward and disjointed. :D

Back later today with some actually useful information on KBBQ dining out. :)

The Pine
8902 Garden Grove Blvd
Garden Grove, CA 92844

Mother's Day KBBQ @ The Pine - Garden Grove, CA 05.12.13
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