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Cornish Rex
A page for Cornish Rex owners & lovers!
A page for Cornish Rex owners & lovers!

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Gorgeous Sweaters For Loki and Echo!
The babies just got their first sweaters to help keep them warm on the winter vet visits. They look fantastic although Loki is kinda not happy about it...Echo is getting used to it better than his brother. Loki apologizes for his pirate eye and says the eye drops the vet gave him are helping him get over his cold. The lovely sweaters are from Sphynx Cat Wear    #cornishrex  +Cornish Rex 
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Aw, she's very festive & adorable in her sweater 
+Cornish Rex  #cornishrex  
Bell of the Ball : Cleocatra all dressed up for Christmas

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Molly is Concerned About Lee Daniels

Molly has heard that +Lee Daniels only saw 3 cats last week. It made her unutterably sad too and with her usual community spirit, she wants to help rectify that. See Lee's posting about her concerns here:

Let's all help Lee Daniels see more cats! Molly says "Make sure you post to the Public and your circles so Lee does get to see them, NOT to communities as she can't possibly visit them all to try to find your posts. Thank you!"

For +CATURDAY!  #caturday  (even though it's not) and +Cornish Rex  #cornishrex  curated by +a kurth and myself. And for the princess Mishka.
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Someone found a new place to play!
+Cornish Rex
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December 2, 2012 - 337/366 -  So Now For the Housework

Rupert loves to be vacuumed. He always has loved it and his passion for this makes it rather difficult to get housework done, as he will throw himself down in front of the vacuum wherever you happen to be, tripping you up on the stairs even. For those who don't know, Cornish Rex cats (which is the breed that Rupert and Molly are) have naturally curly hair, which is very short, just like a Marcel Wave of the 20's. They are incredibly soft to stroke and are very warm to the touch. He also doesn't mind being bathed and has been known to jump into the bath when the water is running, to wade about in it, or to jump up onto the shelf in a shower to complain loudly that he should be having the shampooing.

For #caturday +CATURDAY! by +Jules Falk Hunter +Shantha Marie Fountain and +Cicely Robin Laing not to leave out the Princess Mishka and hugs going to +Lee Daniels +Christophe Friedli and +Khrystiane Friedli - craving indulgence for this not being a Saturday.

For +Cornish Rex  #cornishrex  page, curated by +a kurth and +Ellie Kennard (myself)

This is image #337 for my participation in the  #creative366project +Creative 366 Project curated by Takahiro Yamamoto and Jeff Matsuya    
and for the +G+ 365 Project #G +365Project curated by Simon Davis-Oakley, Patricia dos Santos Paton and Vesna Krnjic
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Patient Rex!
#cornishrex  +Cornish Rex 
Here is one of our cat dressed up for Trick or Treating.
Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee

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Rupert - Cornish Rex Back Scratcher

Does the trick every time.... a bit lower... a bit lower.... THERE! Ahhhh

Comments on +Steven Kennard 's original posting please.
The Back Scratcher

Rupert, shamelessly back scratching for
 +CATURDAY!  #caturday  curated by +Jules Falk Hunter +Shantha Marie Fountain +Cicely Robin Laing 
+Cornish Rex  #cornishrex   #cornishrexcat  curated by +a kurth and +Ellie Kennard 
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Gorgeous Rexs!
More Loki & Echo. The iTouch actually captured some light flare or part of the filament from the bulb - nothing a crop won't fix.  #cornishrex +Cornish Rex 
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