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Rewards await those who choose wisely, Procrastination is the abortion of success! Choose and be happy..
Rewards await those who choose wisely, Procrastination is the abortion of success! Choose and be happy..


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We are less than five weeks away from the Hotter’N Hell Hundred and riders of all ages are gearing for one of the most challenging races in the country.

10-year-old Melanie Montgomery is one of those riders up for the challenge of riding the full 100 miles.

Just last year, at the age of 9-years-old Montgomery road 75 miles, peddling alongside her father Robert.

“I've done a very long distance I feel like I could be more long distances,” said Melanie.

Melanie first road in the Hotter’N Hell Hundred when she way 7-years-old and still had training wheels.

She now rides with some of the top riders in the country and always enjoys meeting new riders.

“I've met quite a lot of friends because I don't like to always be lonely,” said Melanie.

Her drive and determination to accomplish this huge goal has inspired racers all throughout Texoma and has allowed her to be herself.

“You can definitely see her confidence sore through the roof,” said her father Robert.

As for Melanie, she can't wait to cross that finish line.

“It's going to be very amazing more than ever,” she said.

Melanie's father would love to see more kids get involved in bike riding.

Registration for the Hotter’N Hell Hundred is still open and will run through August 20th.
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ABILENE, Texas —
Family, friends and teammates from all across the Big Country and beyond traveled to Nelson Park Saturday afternoon to participate in the 26th annual Steam-N-Wheels Bike Race.

City of Abilene Recreation and Senior Services Administrator Jeff White says the yearly bike race is challenging.

"It starts here at Nelson Park and it goes through parts of Eula, goes back to Dudley, so it's very challenging with winds and stuff like that. It's a great course for the riders," said White.

Cyclists who came out to the event had their choice of participating in either a 12-, 32- or 48-mile bike race, which ten-year-old Melanie Montgomery decided to run.

"Well, I do races, but I only do it for the fun of it, I don't actually do it so I can win anything, I do it for the fun,"said Montgomery.

On top of all the fun the riders were having at the event, a strong sense of community was also apparent at the races. Cyclist Jodie Rector, who won both the 32-mile race and the women's class overall at the event, has a sense of the camaraderie that Abilene has to offer.

"It was a great event and the support on the road was great, a lot of the events you don't really have that and seeing the police officers out and helping out, that was really good," said Rector.

White also put an emphasis on how the event benefits the Abilene community every year.

"So, it's a great economic impact for Abilene because those people are coming and staying in our hotels and buying stuff before they leave," White said.

Saturday afternoon's bike races were hosted by My Abilene Parks and Recreation.
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I am humbled and grateful to each of you who made this possible, thank you George Hincapie, Gran Fondo Hincapie, Patrick Dempsey, and everyone at Hincapie Cycling Society for making this happen for Jessica Mitchell 💙

🎥 @DempseyCentral Catching up with @PatrickDempsey and #LisaChristiansen @DrLisaCoaching making Jessica’s request happen at the 2017 Gran Fondo Hincapie.


Hollywood Media Twitter:

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Habib Atif Carouba May 25, 1932 - Oct. 20, 2016 Thank you Mary Carouba...
I appreciate and love you.

A letter to Habib, My Mentor, my hero and the first person to see more in me than I saw in myself. The depths of my heart have reached new levels today as I recount the moments spent with a dear friend, no, not a friend, a family member who just passed a year ago October.

A family member who believed in me to the point that extended past my own self beliefs and propelled me into being greater than I thought I'd ever reach.

It's is in these moments of reflection, these moments in your life that will live forever, beyond this lifetime because someone believed in you, someone became a mirror showing you the grand possibilities of a tomorrow that once seemed like a dream.

Habib taught me a certain type of business acumen that reaches beyond the common thinking, he taught me everything in life is a negotiation and the importance of investing on your own terms, living life on your own terms, and that family isn't always blood...

Family are the ones who are there for you in tough times, love you because of your flaws and sees the best in your worst.

Habib always told me how strong I was when I felt like falling apart, he told me I was destined for bigger things when I was just a little girl from Tahlequah who couldn't see beyond the dirt floors of Cherokee County. He will continue to inspire me through the greatness of Mary and Joanna. Habib was and forever will be one of my most respected mentors, my friend and most of all he is my extended family that doesn't require the definition "extended".

My best memories in many ways...
You were always proud, and everyday I thrived in becoming the best me that you saw before it was there... In every moment of my life I do remember you, I remember your strong yet tender qualities that expressed a protective side while your smile so bright I could always see heavens light reminding me to always strive to make you proud. I've always said I have three Dad's, my Heavenly Father, my earthly father and you my God given father.

I remember you as a role model and a great teacher, I remember looking up to you, jumping, hopping, and feeling safe. Always a big kid making you laugh and smile, full of life. I miss you...

I always hid behind your existence, you taught me about patience and persistence. I feel safe, secure, and never worried because I know you forever live and are forever alive through each of the lives you touch.

I always knew with you I was standing on a solid ground. I remember your sincere smile when I shared with you each step of my success, I remember how you were never to busy to take my call.

I remember when you waited for me when I was late and how you, with great pride, would tell others "you will show her respect" and you meant it.

I remember your daily hard work, dedication, and tender care
I remember all the love, fun, and thoughts you share with the world.
I wanted you to be proud of me, I wanted to be the vision that you wanted to see in me. I made sure everything I did was what you would approve. Because of your unconditional love I know there is nothing more to prove..

My friends and family hear about you every day, I tell them Habib is in heaven now, looking and praying for us somehow, I love you so much, my friend, the family I never had, your memory will always be alive... I love you so much, your words and wisdom will always survive...

Thank you Habib for always being here for me, you will forever be Family and you will forever live in my heart,...

I love you Mary and Joanna Carouba.
~Lisa Christiansen
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A family bike tour with a long tradition in the Lawton-Fort Sill Area. Presented by Friends of the Trails, Inc.

Tour of the Wichitas this weekend on Saturday June 24, 2017, so put your party pants on and register at:
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I met Jessica on Monday June 8, 2009 while on my first bicycle ride across the state of oklahoma, she was serving sandwiches at a break stop near Cordell, Oklahoma. We had an amazing conversation and connected in some depth only God can describe. I looked forward to seeing Jessica again in 2010 not realizing freewheel creates a different route I felt saddened because I promised to see her the following year, once I learned of our different route I never thought I would see Jessica again and embraced her in my heart knowing God touched my soul and moved me through Jessica. In July 2012 we were both at the same nail salon getting our nails dome and Jessica sat next to me while waiting for her mother to finish and I felt a deep tugging this is Jessica and she remembered me. we have continued to keep in touch and on Aug. 17, 2012 Patches (her mother) texted me as I was on my bicycle crossing the bridge that enters the wildlife refuge and said they were in town, I called and Patches said they would be at the nail salon in 30 minutes, I said "I will be there," I made in in 36 minutes... I LOVE YOU Jessica...
I am honored to have been kissed by the sweet gravel that took me down and brought me in to the breakstop I wasn't going to stop at in Mt. View, the day you brought me to you through Jessica, the day that changed my life forever, the day gratitude took residence in my soul, the day giving took residence in my heart and the day joyous genuine happiness took residence in my life, the day love became who I am. Thank you father God for overlooking my imperfections and there are many, thank you for overlooking my shortcomings, thank you for overlooking my ignorance, and my human sinfulness, it is because of these things that I most sincerely with fervent supplication ask forgiveness for those who have passed without accepting Christ Jesus to be welcomed into your kingdom of mercy and grace with open arms that they may experience your everliving love and everlasting life even if this means I must take their place because this is the most selfless act I can offer for your continued blessings of times long past, the generous portions of present gifts and an undeserving future full of abundant blessings of immeasurable proportion. Father I commit to you to singing your praise even in a whisper I promise it will scream echoes into the vastness through the ages, I will forever confess with my mouth that you are the lamb of God, king of kings, lord and savior, my God always. Father I accept with great humility your abundant blessings of portion immeasurable to any proportion know by man, I will pray for as long as I have breath and I will praise you for as long as I have life. I bring this letter to you in Jesus Christ holiest name on highest, thank you for listening Father God.

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