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Blank CD/DVD Media

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Latest news about JVC/Taiyo Yuden's decision to exit the optical media business.
As you may have already heard, big changes for JVC/Taiyo Yuden have occurred. 
Here’s the background:
In June of 2015, JVC announced they would no longer be manufacturing high-quality Taiyo Yuden engineered DVDs & CDs as of 12/31/15 due to business and licensing reasons.
 In November, CMC Magnetics announced they signed a deal with Taiyo Yuden for the rights to manufacture the products using the TY technology and procedures in their Taiwan plants.
This new product will marketed as the “CMC Professional” brand and become available in March or April with no change in pricing.
As of February 15th, the new product is still in testing with folks waiting to receive samples. 
You are probably wondering what our plan is at Blank CD/DVD Media. With some manufacturers leaving the business and others changing their product names or licensing their technology to other(s) with less than a stellar track record, we wanted to assure our valued customers that we offer a line of premium, fully licensed, high-quality discs with the best inkjet and thermal printable surfaces in the industry. Below you'll find information on FalconMedia Premium blank media. We want you to try a free sample of FalconMedia “on the house”. Please contact your sales representative via email or call 1-519-208-3490, ext. 1 for more info.  

FalconMedia Pro’s range of products, including CD-R, DVD-R, Dual Layer and specialty media like Gold and Platinum are exquisitely designed and manufactured with premier quality Japanese-sourced materials, with a wide array of printable surfaces, including SmartGuard to replace WaterShield.
 FalconMedia guarantees the best longevity and durability standards, unequalled performance and drive compatibility with the lowest failure rates. 

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Introducing FalconMedia Mediline

FalconMedia MEDILINE offers the most reliable and highest quality CD-R and DVD-R media, specifically designed for healthcare needs. All FalconMedia MEDILINE products are registered as medical grade, thus aligning DICOM compliance with professional top grade media.
This combination ensures the highest read/write performance at all speeds and excellent compatibility with PACS systems and modular drives, resulting in a reliable, consistent quality media with an extended lifespan for patient records and imaging.

FalconMedia MEDILINE product highlights:
Compatible with PACS image recording systems and are DICOM standard compliant
Universally compatible with imaging systems and publishers;
High performance read/ write, characterized by the use of high quality original Japanese materials and fully controlled manufacturing processes
Manufactured under ISO: 9001 and ISO: 14001 standards in a controlled cleanroom environment, providing dust and contamination free discs;
Compatible with multi-speed recording drives;
Available with Ultra Hard Coat (UHC), which provides excellent scratch and handling protection;
Available in a wide range of printing and packaging options;
CE certified medical grade media in accordance with European EC Directive 93/42/EEC;
Safe and long term use up to 50 years.

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