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For those of you who miss the email we just sent, here it is:

You're not happy, and neither are we.

In an effort to meet a pre-determined launch date, we brought you a site that didn't live up to your (and our) expectations. In hindsight, we recognize that the best approach would have been to postpone the launch in order to deliver a fully functional site with fewer issues. While we can't take our decision back, we can make the right decision moving forward.

Therefore, we've decided to freeze activity on the site while we fix the errors that you've discovered and implement the improvements you've suggested. When we return, we will bring you a site that will be fully functional and hopefully provides you with an experience that exceeds your expectations.

This was a tough decision, and one that we've considered at great length. If we don't make these changes now, we risk hurting our partners and you, our supporters.

While we're in this maintenance period, we will remain active within the community ( We'll provide you with frequent updates on our status, along with more information about the start-ups you'll be able to join. Currently those companies include +tweetTV, ValuValu and Cull TV. RAVN will be included upon our return. If you've already joined one of these current start-ups, it will remain in your portfolio.

When the site returns, we'll be allowing people to return in a staggered fashion so we can test all the features before the official re-release.

You have spoken and we have listened. You deserve better, and that's what we're going to deliver.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

+Dana Severson, Connor Hood, +Tony Holmes & +Peter Elias (Team Wahooly)
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Thanks for the honest communications , I look forward to your re-release!!
Well, I was happy... If it will be better- fine to me but it wasn't bad at all.
This is a totally understandable resolution. The future of Wahooly looks bright, and I am excited to see where you guys go.
I was on the let's wait a couple days before diving in train, glad I was.
Disappointing for sure. For you too I'm sure. Keep positive! Everyone deserves a second chance...
Being open and honest about the way you do business will pay off. I like what Wahooly does and I hope the whole team will succeed. I look forward to help them whenever I can. I hope we all can.
Your forthcoming honesty in a very difficult decision speaks volumes. The people who are your true supporters will continue to be with you through thick and thin.
No problem, that's life in the fast lane. Hope you get it sorted out quickly enough.
Well done on this course of action. I would much rather be partners with honest and realistic entrepeneurs than with fly by night operators that try to gloss over the difficult parts. Stll proudly and excitedly wahooligan.
That right there... the honesty... That is what many businesses lack today. You acknowledged your shortcomings stated a plan of action and spoke like a human being, not like a legal department. THAT right there is how business should be done! Rock on +Wahooly!!
Excellent communication - admit your errors and work to correct. Honesty is appreciated.
You must be disappointed but good communication and we're here waiting!
Thanks for keeping us posted. I was actually getting in the system fine via chrome. All the best with the work ahead.
That sounds like a fine idea. I have waited this long so a little longer will not be a problem. Take your time and most of us will be here when you return. Happy programming.
Ouch, that must've hurt.

Still, fixing things is good - I have issues with trying to remember / work out what login details I used (coming from Klout), so the lack of an "email password reset" in the interface put me off.

Hope the coffee's good over there. :)
Don't give up. False starts are OK.
Good communication. Take a black eye now instead of a beating later
Judee B
I appreciate the notice. Best to wait than have a larger issue later. 
Thanks for the honesty...just make sure that you deliver on the hype you build up!
Thanks for letting me know. I look forward to the new site when it comes back.
I know you are working out bugs, however I wish to submit my business as a start up...
let me know when I can access and submit our business case.
+Adam Matthews Application should be available in the next 24 hours. In the meantime, feel free to email me directly: dana at wahooly
Mar Cel
Deadlines can be brutal. Thanks for the heads up... honesty always prevails in my book.
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