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Donn Stroud
Music, books, frogs, snakes, games, beer, and making stuff.
Music, books, frogs, snakes, games, beer, and making stuff.

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Patches for #mothershipRPG organized play!
Got the organized play patches in for mothership. Pretty stoked.
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Messing around with short list of military backgrounds for #mothershipRPG for a little more flavor. The bonus is entirely optional and should be minimal if used (2-3 points for skills and stats).

01 Veteran of the Indalore Valley Massacre--Small bonus to morale check with marine NPCs
02 Guarded the Utopian Designs and Technology compound--Small bonus to Cybernetics
03 Began training as an assassin before expulsion--Small bonus to Firearms or Close-Quarters Combat
04 Guinea pig for experimental military drugs--Small bonus to specific sense of choice
05 Worked with the gangs on Eschex--Small bonus to Rimwise
06 Kicked out of various different military groups--Small bonus to skill of choice
07 Served with Xeno cleanup team--Small bonus to Xenobiology
08 FirstGen Genetically Modified Human--Small bonus to Stat of choice
09 Warrior monk of Calkdin V--Small bonus to Mysticism
10 Street kid recruited from the Schundwa Underwarrens--Small bonus to Jury Rigging
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Who knows how to party on a Friday night?
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I was pleased to see Dead Planet has gone Silver. #MothershipRPG

+Sean McCoy
+FM Geist
Mothership: Dead Planet
Mothership: Dead Planet
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Too much cool stuff coming out that I want. This Rogue Trader stuff looks awesome!

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With the announcement of the new ork vehicles I thought I’d dig around in my old army box. Found these in the half painted state as most of my ork army
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Is there a weird thing where you’ve gotten a thing published, and you’re suddenly like “I NEED EVERYTHING I’VE EVER DONE OUT THERE RIGHT NOW!” and then you have trouble sleeping because you’re too obsessed thinking of ways to get other stuff out?
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Out in PDF!
The PDF for Dead Planet is now available on DrivethruRPG.

+FM Geist, +Donn Stroud, +Jarrett Crader worked incredibly hard on this module starting at Origins and finishing just before Gen Con.

It's packed to the brim wtih usable, gameable content for any sci-fi rpg, including:

- A one-page adventure on a derelict ship, called THE SCREAMING ON THE ALEXIS.
- A planetcrawl of the dead planet with several locations, including the five-level underground bunker THE RED TOWER
- An exploration of a ritual cannabilistic society traped on the Dead Planet's moon in MOON COLONY BLOODBATH
- A generator for making your own derelict ships at the table
- Several incredible tables ripe for stealing, including: d100 nightmares, d100 colonists, an eerie sculpture generator, and a hyperdrive malfunction table
- And a lot more

Print copies are coming soon - I'm just working with the fulfillment company to get everything setup on the website.


EDIT: Spelling, grammar. Pointed out by my editors smh.
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Get over and help fill this beast out if you want!
I could use some Gygaxian Democracy.

I'm trying to get a sci-fi horror sector put together and I'd love input from the OSR. If you're interested, post up a thing here and give it a number 00-99.

The only things are:
- It's sci-fi horror, so you know don't have a bunch of goblins in pirate hats or whatever
- No like romulan/klingon/star wars type aliens. Basically all aliens are terrifying awful awful things and you should want to avoid them. (More ridley scott and john carpenter). Ghosts and supernatual shit is great too.
- Not everything has to be earth shatteringly jaw droppingly awesome or the start of a huge campaign
- Making connections to the other entries is awesome

Two entries per number would be great. I'll take all the results and format it all pretty and put it up for everyone with a list of the contributors.

Any takers?

EDIT: let’s try to keep it to two sentences or less.
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Can’t go wrong.
Gen Con is past and...

THE HOBONOMICON #0 is available !!! (while supplies last)

**Go to to purchase.**

If you are just hearing about this here is what it's about:
This book includes the beginning of the DCC graphic novel, Death of a Reaver , and materials being used to run this years after hours DCC game , Escape from Planet Punjar.

In the future there will be more comic stuff from myself and +Stefan Poag and all kinds of other gaming stuff , including pervious after hours games like Inferno Road and Catastrophe Island and iterations and reimaginings of +James MacGeorge's Black Sun Deathcrawl. All that plus more good stuff.
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