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Seven threats to freedom of expression in India, according to Mr. Ramchandra Guha  - so worth a read.

1) the retention in our statute books of archaic colonial laws.
2) imperfections in our judicial system. 
3) behaviour of the police force.
4) pusillanimous politicians. No Indian chief minister or prime minister has ever come out strongly in favour of freedom of expression. 
5) the dependence of the media on government advertisements.
6) the dependence of the media on commercial advertisements.
7) careerist or ideologically driven writers - writers who take sides with political parties.

I doubt if some politicians will take note but hope journalists do.

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Rohit Nigam on Why Kejriwal thinks that Modi may try to get him killed. Rohit Nigam has outlined every arrest made and why. He has also written to tell us why AAP MLAs were released within a few days (with links to the actual news). What Modi really fears is Goa and Punjab where the AAP will be able to improve the law and order situation and clamp down on corruption besides improving schools, hospitals etc without interference from the centre. Rohit has mentioned the chilling fact that he received a text that said they are planning mob frenzy and violence in which they'll get Arvind killed. I, for one, am glad this is out in the open. The added bonus is how Modi once accused the Congress of wanting to get him killed. If you want to read it in detail, here's the link Please share it widely.

A very important message from #ArvindKejriwal.

We've read about the trumped up charges. We've read about the courts scolding the police and CAG for those trumped up charges before releasing the accused MLAs within two or three days. It is harassment after harassment.

As for the minorities, the Dalits, women, recently the autowallahs etc, what they face are vigilantes, thugs and rapists who roam free. Why are the latter not scared and only the former? We're not blind.

It started with women's safety. That got worse and worse. Now it has definitely expanded to include many more areas of ordinary life. Before the situation does get worse for our kids we've got to show Courage and come together to object to what we see is happening.

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The implications of 377. The most horrendous is the way the police took advantage. Watch this 10 minute excerpt to understand a little more about the LGBT+ community in India. Draping our profile pics on social media in rainbow colours is simply not enough.

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I was ignorant in th 70s n this is what happend #truestory #lgbt Th more we talk th more we understand. (No sexual content)

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Two Lesbian Women and I
A True Story. (No Sexual Content)

I knew two women, both young, and in their early twenties.

More at this link

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What can people who enjoy other cultures do when faced with extreme prejudice and intolerance from someone within their own culture?

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read about how communal leaders mutate communal politics. If we buy their explanations and fob-offs we collude with nothing less than murder.

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Khoty Mathur commented on a post on Blogger.
Your review and the excerpt have made it a must read.

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Haha. Send them to the Mumbai police.
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