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Beth Rhind
Hockey Player, Runner, Wife, Sister, Daughter, Dog Lover
Hockey Player, Runner, Wife, Sister, Daughter, Dog Lover

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How To Say Goodbye?
Well everyone, this is it...the last month we will be spending on Nevis! I cannot believe how time has flown by here. The amazing memories I have made since coming here nearly 2.5 years ago! A wild adventure indeed. Therefore, instead of writing a sappy pos...

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Home Stretch of Island Life
Hello friends and family! I know it has been a long time since I have blogged. I am so sorry for not having continued updates. Last semester (Med 4 for Kyle) was probably the busiest for both of us. Here is a quick recap: October: Sweating our way through t...

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Fitness Filled Fall!
Hey Friends, What a crazy month it has been! Between settling back to the island life, Kyle back in classes, the extreme heat and my new position at work, time is flying! A few exciting events have happened this month. It first started with the Nevis Runnin...

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Heading into the Home Stretch of Island Life
Hey everyone, I know it has been awhile, but we are still living the island dream. My last post was back in April, and I basically finished out the school year and then headed home for the summer while Kyle finished up Med 3. Well he passed! He has begun Me...

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Special Olympics St. Kitts-Nevis National Games 2016
Hey Friends, It's crazy to think I started on this island as your "Nevis Housewife", however things have drastically changed, and to make life a little more interesting last week I attended my first ever Special Olympics National Games for St.Kitts-Nevis. W...

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Welcome Back to Nevis!
Well everyone, vacation is over! Back to reality we go. Except reality for me is hopping on a plane at 6 am and flying to a small island somewhere in the Caribbean.  We made it back to the island safely. Although, we had one of the toughest trips ever trave...

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Hospital Trips and Car Problems
Just to warn you, the items in the title don't relate so don't worry everyone is okay! Well it certainly has been an interesting couple of weeks here. I have been winding down with my online school stuff and getting very excited to come home! I have been sp...

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Searching for a Caribbean Christmas
Hey Everyone, I am so sorry it has been a while since I have written. I have been hearing from some friends and family that I am a bit behind on my updates!! Things have been super busy over here. I am still writing, just not for my blog. I have been writin...

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Island Birthday
Hey Everyone, So this is a new one, celebrating my birthday on a beach. Being October, I usually celebrate surrounded by the fall colors and sometimes even snow. Not this year, living it up big on this sunny island! Although I was thankful for great weather...

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Caribbean Thanksgiving
Hey Everyone, Yet another holiday has come and gone here on Nevis. My Facebook and Instagram feeds have been flooded with fall pictures, pumpkin spiced anything and turkey. On my end, I'm trying not sweat through my clothes and not think about how much I mi...
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