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Matthew DiZebba
Never build fences around me, for I will break them down!
Never build fences around me, for I will break them down!

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The Karate Kid III
It is often true in
a movie trilogy that the third and final film in the series is the worst film
in the series. If you do not believe me see The Godfather III or Return of the
Jedi. This is another example of that rule.                  The second film was...

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The Last Sin Eater
This is the heart wrenching story of
distraught young child who at all of ten year old has the weight of the world
on her shoulders. She believes herself to be responsible for the death of her
younger sister and therefore seeks out the local outcast dubbed ...

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The Eye
         The obscure
trailers were an ominous sign not to mention a tell tale foreshadowing factor. I
mean really they were all dark and horrifying and flat out creepy. I almost returned
this movie with out watching it. I didn’t pay for it so I wouldn’t rea...

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just Go With It
As a writer
I have discovered one of the hardest things to do with an article or any piece
of writing you create is coming up with an appropriate title. This movie is
perfectly titled. It more or less sums up the entire 117-minute film in one
felt swoop. It...

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Under Seige
plot of this film is the same as any other Steven Seagal film.   Seagal’s character is in the wrong
place at the right time. The odds are against him. The baddies all have guns
and orders to kill, kill, kill and no one even the government so called inte...

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         I watched this movie
the night after the biggest full moon in a long time. It is birthday 38 th birthday present for my sister who is an Italian American who lives in
Brooklyn. So is Loretta Castorini (Cher) the main female protagonist. Not to

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Prom Night (2008)
Snow is perfectly cast in this movie. She's blonde, beautiful, she can't act
her way out of a paper bag but she does however have great facial expressions.
Richard Fenton is well chosen as the creepy stalker/ killer. He to can't act,

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The Hunt for Red October
           This movie
is a bout a Russian submarine that can allegedly go stealth. Its captain is
headed towards American waters. Is his intention to start a war or something else?
I saw this movie before. I know the answer. You’ll have to see it to find ou...

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The Lego Batman Movie
movie (like anything) has its strengths and weaknesses. Let’s start off with
the positive. This film was VERY CREATIVE. The characters (despite being
“borrowed”) were all imaginative and well written. The script was well paced
and the dialogue ori...

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Jack Reacher
film comes from another line of books turned into movies.   Much like the Tom Clancy novels and of
course that Ian Fleming creation.   Jack Reacher the creation of a British author writing under
the pen name of Lee Child. It is ironic because ...
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