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Begin Android

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OK, it's been a while, but now I'm getting in gear and will have something up to test around in the next 2 weeks.
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Site introduction
Cloud computing
More than a phone
Introduction to Android
How is Android different
How to provide input
Lock screen
Home screens
Menu button
Notification Bar
App Drawer
Add wallpapers, apps
Widgets on Homescreen
Contacts on Homescreen
Settings - Phones
Settings - Tablets
Keyboard & Input
Import contacts 1
Import contacts 2
Create, change & share contacts
Phone calls
Gmail 2.3
Gmail 4
Other email
Get apps: Play Store
Web Play Store
Setup Google Wallet
Remove apps
Recommended apps
Run more than one app
Use the Calendar
Use the Camera
Upload photos
Using social media
Update the device
Start all over: Reset
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How to Reset Your Android Device

You may come across situations where you want to reset your phone and wipe out all the data, for example:

You feel you "messed" up with the Setup and want to start all over again.
You've installed some update to the system and after that you've encountered problems with apps or stability.
You plan to sell or give away your phone, but you don't want the other person to see your emails, Facebook and other content
In those situations you want to reset the phone, which will wipe all apps. all accounts, all pictures etc. But be very careful: make sure you save any pictures, music or other material you have on your phone, since all data will be lost. This is easy to do with Android, here are two examples:
Android 4

Settings -> Backup & Reset -> Factory Data Reset

Backup & Reset Factory Data Reset

Android 2.3

Menu -> Settings -> Privacy -> Factory Data Reset

Privacy Factory Data Reset

If you do a reset and then start all over again with the same account, then all your apps will automatically be re-installed on your device.

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Stay tuned for an upcoming website that will help beginners to understand how to use their Android devices.