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Alpine Exteriors
Alpine Exteriors is a full service contractor offering services from insurance restoration to full home renovations.
Alpine Exteriors is a full service contractor offering services from insurance restoration to full home renovations.

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When it comes to finding a contractor there are so many questions that arise. So why choose Alpine over the other guy? Find out more:

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We can get behind this…

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Stay warm AND save money? Sounds like a win-win to us! You might want to check out these tips!

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What’s your secret to braving the brutal Chicago winter?

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Once again winter is not looking good for Chicago, which is why we recommend getting a roof inspection to make sure your home is ready. Set one up for FREE today:

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11/10 2300 CST
OP – Opps we did it again V3
With the upcoming #Abaddon anomaly and the fight for global XM control #UCR and the rest of the MidWest Resistance stepped up to the plate with an OP that cover Chicago in 17 layers of deep blue.  After kicking around some ideas and looking at lanes it was decided to go with an OP that we had flown a few times before and had good success with.  Now to pick a checkpoint for this op, we wanted to rock the leaderboard early, so we settled on the 11/10 11pm CST CP.  This gave agents time to get home from work and then get into position for the op.  Next the call went out to see what keys we had and found most of the keys were already in place.  Agent @VagabondViolet was able to farm the last few keys needed for the op while Agent @RobF32 took care of the logistics and making sure we had the lanes covered.  Day of the OP we had some agents in there typical AO and others well outside their normal AO, but base on how little clearing was needed we did not see this as a problem.  After work Zello chatter started to pick up with agents checking in and Intel starting to identify blockers.  On my way to the west anchor with keys, agents were checking in and Intel was confirming the blockers were dropping.  As I pulled into town the other three linkers also pulled into town as well and keys were passed out to the linkers.  Intel confirmed we were on time with lanes and would be ready to begin linking shortly.  Anchor teams got into position and stood by while the last few blockers were taken down.  The call went out to inoculate and begin linking and that’s where we had are first challenge.  Cell coverage at the south anchor was not so good, and the agent was not able to inoculate the portal.  Rather than take a chance the agent would not be able to inoculate and rebuild we decided to just fly as is.  The first links up secured the lanes across Lake Michigan and the south link closed the first field for 4.2m MU.  After that layer after layer went up covering Chicago in blue and was darkening with every layer until we could no longer see the streets in our scanners.  Another huge success for the Midwest Resistance with 72 Million MU up for checkpoint.  Along with all the MU we also gained 5 new onyx illuminators.
17 layers
4.2 million mu per layer
Agent @dgarnier  signing off till next time

+NIA Ops   +Ingress​ +Niantic Project​ ​ +linda Besh

#ingress  #IngressWeekly    #ingressreport   #sitrep    

+Niantic Project +Niantic +NIA Ops  +Linda Besh
+Ingress +United Chicagoland Resistance
#sitrep #ingressreport #IngressWeekly #ingress #ingress_report  

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Lake series ‪#‎lake‬, ‪#‎lakeseries‬, ‪#‎lakemichigan‬, ‪#‎chicago‬

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Happy Veterans Day! Thank you to the brave men and women who serve this country!

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We may need to pick up some of these…

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We pride ourselves in using only the highest quality products. Find out how that benefits you:
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