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Very Grateful to Virtual Newsmakers for taking the time to learn and share the story behind The Smile Epidemic :)
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I'll be on the Virtual Newsmakers WEbcast today at noon! Chatting about smiles and workplace engagement, tune in and happy Friday!

Jim Moss is the Chief Happiness Officer at The Smile Epidemic (Http://  He is a former professional lacrosse player whose career was cut abruptly by the diagnosis of Guillain-Barre syndrome, a disorder in which the body’s immune system attacks the nerves. 

The journey of recovery led him to discover the power of a smile and thus The Smile Epidemic was born.
The Smile Epidemic creates a safe and fun digital community where people can share what makes them happy and discover what makes other people happy. It helps individuals, families, schools, small businesses, and major corporations benefit from becoming happier and healthier.  

Recent research has shown that what we focus on has a serious impact on how we experience the world. This social project is designed to engage people in actively seeking out positive aspects of their daily lives and environments so that they can experience more vividly the happiness that is around us all of the time. To spread the smile epidemic, just share what has made you smile lately.

Virtual Newsmakers is a weekly webcast show featuring virtual newsmakers, who are bridging traditional and digital communications and empowering human communications through technology.
The show highlights people who are using technology as a conversation to bring communications to a human level and who are making things happen between traditional and digital communications.
Some of the aspects of the show will be to bridge alternate communications media (digital and traditional), create a new vocabulary, and bring the world together with human interactions.


Cynthia K. Seymour: In 2008, Cynthia founded a social media consulting and marketing agency, After 12 years of sales and marketing, she jumped into the social media scene while developing teams during political campaign management and local lobbying. Today, she helps small businesses and busy professionals get up to speed with the latest trends in online marketing and social media skills. Her global team includes affiliations with graphic designers, creative web designers, and WordPress developers. She helps businesses develop the perfect social media strategy, create an online presence, attract new clients, and keep tabs on their existing business. In addition to coaching and strategy, she also teaches a graduate level course with Academy of Art University in the New Media and Web Design Department.

Debbie Elicksen: Debbie is a transmedia strategist and producer. She has authored, edited, ghosted, and project managed well over 150 books, and produced ten of her own. Her international author list includes professional speakers, professional athletes, doctors, corporate leaders, to name a few. She has also covered the National Hockey League for several publications and sports services, including She was the first woman to headman a football conference in Canada (Prairie Football Conference), was PR Director for the Edmonton Trappers Baseball Club, and owns a healthy coffee company.
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I'm thinking that The Smile Epidemic might be a good follow up to the digital self improvement article!

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