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Typist and copy paster.

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Once again, Ben hits an interesting chord. I know I want an iPad...but I can never answer why I need one. Unlike the iPhone which had its "phone, widescreen video ipod, and revolutionary internet communicator" pitch, the tablet has yet to have its "killer" app. 

Reading is done better on a Kindle or real book. Video is done better on a TV at home or an iPhone on the go. All I can really think of is Paper and Safari — drawing and perusing the web.

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I think all of us, even those who love iOS 7, felt that something small but definite was lost.

Ben Thompson articulates this well, using the change in the rhetoric as a leading indicator to how Apple itself is changing. 

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What I learned:
1) Mobile is, and will likely continue to be, an order of magnitude slower than the desktop.
2) Interpreted, or even JIT, code is slower than compiled code. 
3) Garbage collection sucks on low memory machines. Because of mobile, the days of memory management are not behind us.
4) There are hardware limitations to memory on mobile, and it's going to take a few new techs to breakthrough to the next level. Expect 2 or 4, not 16, GB of memory of my next phone.

My takeaways:
1) Learn a compiled language, if no other reason than to understand and not fear, memory management.
2) Instantiate less objects. The less you need to garbage collect, the better.
3) Lean on the cloud whenever feasible for mobile web apps.

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Looking for that Perfect Word

I have a particular love for finding the perfect word or phrase that pinpoints an emotion or experience. Like "esprit d'escalier" or "je ne sais quoi."

Is there a fancy word or phrase for that feeling of sadness you get when you know something's going to disappear soon and you're enjoying your last few days of it? And another for the feeling that you get when you reach for something that isn't there and, upon realizing, have the simultaneous feelings of surprise and wistfulness?

Don't worry guys, I'm talking about Google Reader, not some personal crisis. :)

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My guesses on what Dropbox will do next. I'd be curious to know what others think...or if I've missed the boat entirely. 

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This is so much better than 3D tic tac toe.

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Yes. Obvious is obvious.

I do think voice recognition has potential eventually.

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The Onion nails it again. Humans are apparently terrible, terrible things. 
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