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A beauty blogger behind Rocaille Writes.
A beauty blogger behind Rocaille Writes.

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Why I Continue Beauty Blogging As A Hobby
I have noticed in the past few months that a lot of my favorite blogger friends decided to say goodbye to their beauty blogs. Some of them have concluded it just wasn't fun anymore, some preferred to devote their finite free time to other pursuits, some are...

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A Month in Lipstick #2: Keep or Declutter
Did I put a 'Week in Lipstick' in the last post 's title? Ha. HA. I wish. Yeah, it turns out that a MONTH is more along the lines of how much time I need to make up my mind about 5 lip products. At this rate, it will probably take me the rest of the year to...

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Recent Skincare Empties and Mini Reviews
Alright, here it goes: I'm tired of typing up long empties posts. Sigh . At the same time, I do think they're helpful and yes, it does often happen that my opinion on a product changes by the time I reach the bottom of the packaging - so it'd be nice to giv...

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A Week in Lipstick #1: Keep or Declutter
Wait, how could I possibly have more lip products to declutter? Surely I can't have all that much left after taking stock and envisioning what my ideal lipstick collection would be, as discussed in this post . Except that I do; I still seem to have some lip...

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Drugstore Acid Tone: Nip + Fab Exfoliate Glycolic Fix Night Pads Extreme
I love trying out new products (hence this blog, duh) and I keep purchasing new things even when I know I've already found a favorite in a given category. Case in point: I love the First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads ( reviewed here ), and I've repurchase...

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Casual Red: ILIA Tinted Lip Conditioner in Bang Bang*
Oh, hai - I'm that beauty blogger you used to follow who all of a sudden kinda disappeared off the face of the Internet. But seriously, I know I said I'd like to start posting more a few posts back, and then couldn't get my sh*t together for the entire mont...

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Do I Need It? Cremorlab Mineral Treatment Essence Review
The Cremorlab Mineral Treatment Essence ($42 for 270ml/ 9.1 oz on Peach & Lily, or ~$35 on Amazon) is a prime example of a product that sucked me in purely by its beautiful packaging. I spotted it at the Peach & Lily K-Beauty sample sale last summer and eve...

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2016 Skincare No Buy and Make-up Low Buy Finale
Tsk tsk, I know - so very late of me to be posting the finale of my 2016 Skincare No Buy and Make-up Low Buy (click here for the Introduction post ) in February of 2017. Nonetheless, given how much you guys enjoyed my updates on this project I embarked on l...

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Not My Kind of Red: NARS Velvet Lip Glide in Le Palace
How 'bout I distract you from this dark and dreadful time we seem to be going through with some make-up? I was really excited to score this deluxe mini of the NARS Velvet Lip Glide ($26 for 0.2 oz/ ~6 ml) with a Sephora order late last year. I've heard real...

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Keep calm and blog on.
Long time no post, dear readers! I'm hesitating to write this update; however, I've always been striving to share with you exactly what's on my mind, in the hopes it may be at least a little useful for someone. This is probably the most difficult thing I've...
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