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Confirming all my own bias's, company are already benefiting from AR.
This is just the start, give it a decade and it will be unusual to find a company not benefiting from it.

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While I am skeptical of the potential uses, its still really neat that they have made what is essentially a tiny perpetual motion machine. A animated sequence of matter that will repeat forever - essentially a 4d shape.

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Lots and lotss of free software from NASA;
Sure, most only useful for very specialized purposes, but some stuff like image analysis might be applicable for other fields.

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Tech used on a recent pixar short.
Sounds pretty amazing.
"Traditionally, we would have used displacement maps and shading tricks to accomplish such an intimate and finely detailed beach," said Brett Levin, Technical Supervisor on Piper, "but we decided to see what RIS could do." And they did...the team decided to fill the beach with real grains of sand, all of it..."

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Back to Science.
Is there anything Soya cant do?
Graphene is a amazing material, so any way to make it cheaper should open it up for vastly more uses.

Some good news for a change;
Its easy to forget lives are at stake. People travel for reasons and its often not trivial.
Not everyone is so lucky though.

I always think some of the weirdness/neatest science is in the new materials we invent and their crazy property's.

I don't like posting too much politics. I prefer to post positive stuff. But I think its important people know whats going on, so a quick summery;
1. Trump has just signed a executive banning people coming to america from 7 countries; Iraq, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia and Yemen
2. This includes both citizens and refugees, regardless of the danger to their lives.
3. No one from any of these countries has attacked the us in a terrorist attack in over 2 decades. (The places the 9/11 attackers were from; Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Lebanon and the UAE are not on Trumps ban list......"coincidentally" he has business interests there)
4. The ban even effects people that have visas and have already been granted permission.
5. Google has immediately recalled all their staff from effected areas, fearing they wont be able to get back.
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