+Gerrit Imsieke, I'm a bit puzzled by http://www.jenitennison.com/blog/node/160#comment-11188

Why do you see +Aryeh Gregor's decision to write a spec outside the W3C as "thumbing his nose"? It's hard to imagine a more commendable behavior than spending months and months reverse engineering and spec'ing previously unchartered territory and to then release it under a license that allows anyone to reuse it, including the W3C. I'm not sure what you mean, but to expect that all spec development happen within the W3C would clearly be a "my way or the highway attitude".

(Concerning the last part, RDFa was never in WHATWG HTML, nor in W3C HTML. What's being considered currently is dropping the RDF (no a) conversion of microdata, which is quite a different matter.)
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