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OPEC's Decision Hurts Energy
been a great Thanksgiving for everyone, with more and more people feeling
better about the economy and with the stock market moving along, for all those
who have a car things have become even better with gas prices falling to levels

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Baker Hughes and Halliburton Merger Problems
been a great few weeks for those of you lucky to be invested in the stock
market; indexes continue to hit all new highs, oil prices continue to decline
along with gas prices, giving people the freedom to actually drive somewhere

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Are Chrysler and other U.S Car Companies Undervalued?
              It has been a roller coaster on the market these last few
weeks, with concerns over the spread of Ebola and falling oil prices has had
investors dumping their stocks and running for the hills. It does not help that
China’s slowdown is starting...

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Is Atlantic City Doomed to Fail?
               The new season of HBO’s hit prohibition era show Boardwalk Empire has just begun its last
season. The show portrays Atlantic City under the control of Political boss
turned gangster Enoch “Nucky” Thompson.   As I was watching the show showing...

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Alibaba, Investment Gold or Expensive Flop?
             The stock market has been acting much like a roller coaster
this past summer with the Dow gaining a little over 200 points since the last
time I posted June 29 th . With that said there has been a large over
600 point sell off in late July but ...

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Is American Apparel and its Competitors Doomed?
               Apparently investors are writing off the continuing crises
in Ukraine and Iraq along with Argentina’s debt problem as just mild
inconveniences since all the major indexes ended the week with solid gains. But
one person is definitely not smili...

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Is the Party Over for Airline Stocks?
               It has been wild week on the market, with Apple stock
splitting 7 to 1, a new crisis in Iraq and spiking oil prices. If that is not
enough Europe now appears to be thinking about raising interest rates before
the year is out. The culmination ...

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Where Should You Invest Your 401K?
              As investors return from there 3 day weekend it appear as
though they have come back happy, buying up stocks in all sectors and driving
the U.S stock market to new highs. By now I’m sure you think you know what is
coming, you think I am going ...

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Have Sports Teams Become too Large to Stay Private?
             Apparently hearing the words “All-time highs” has scared
investors into dumping stock worldwide, and some stocks have been hit harder
than others, WWE to name just one. But one person is clearly not crying over
the Dow going through 2 triple di...

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Does Gogo Have a Chance of Survival?
               It appears as investors are beginning to feel less fearful
since all major indexes ended the week with healthy gains. But not everybody
fared as well last week, the shareholders of Gogo Inc. are probably still
crying. The company has seen its...
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