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Jeremy Lin is very handsome, Js. I like watching him play and cheer for him
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Jeremy Lin Fan Club

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Very Good!
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Taiwanese-American NBA player and point guard for the Los Angeles Lakers
林書豪,美國職業籃球運動員。畢業於哈佛大學,為哈佛大學歷來第 2 位進入NBA的籃球員。父母均為台灣移民,由於在美國出生長大,能以中文簡單說寫, 3兄弟在家會以中文溝通,為NBA第 7 位亞裔美籍球員和第 1 位華裔美籍球員。

Immigrant dream plays out through son 

The jump hook he used to score his first bucket of the game? That came from Kareem.

The perfect form on his jumper? Larry Bird deserves credit for that.

The power end-to-end drive with a dunk to finish? Vintage Dr. J.

The sweet dribble penetration and kickout? Score one for Magic.

As Jeremy Lin dissected and bisected Connecticut to the tune of 30 points Sunday afternoon, his father sat in front of a computer screen on the other side of the country, watching his videotape library of NBA greats come to life in the form of his son.