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deana sidney
I design movies and write the Lostpastremembered blog
I design movies and write the Lostpastremembered blog

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Victoria, Francatelli, Crockford's Club and Quail à la Sefton
Victoria and Albert Wedding Have you been watching,  the PBS series, Victoria  ? The real Victoria and Albert wedding, 1840 It is a real treat for the eyes with astonishing locations, voluptuous set dressing and costumes to die for. It’s a decent script wi...

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The Country Housewife, Richard Bradley and Crisp Fried Quail
While noodling around on the Thomas Gloning  antique cookbook site looking for a recipe,  I discovered Richard Bradley and his book, The Country Housewife and Lady´s Director .  It had many invaluable tips on food, housekeeping, health and gardening –– I lo...

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Gawain and the Green Knight and Canelyne Beef Pie
Winter ‘tis the season most in need of myth and merriment (this year more than ever –– 2016, annus horribilis). What better way to celebrate it than with the seasonal tale of Gawain and the Green Knight – you have magic, castles, handsome knights, beautifu...

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Lady Clark's Cookbook, Game Custards and Indian Tarts
Tillipronie House (probably early 20th c photo) How many of you are recipe addicts? Join the club. For me, it started innocently enough, just clipping out a few recipes here and there from magazines. Next came cookbooks –– one here, one there, a gift or...

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The Good Girls Revolt and Win, 1970's and Deviled Crab
It’s hard to believe that it’s been 9 months since I wrote here. In that time, I’ve written 2 magazine articles (one on harisa and another on making calvados), and spent 6 months on a show with a crew that has become a tough, resilient if battle-scarred ar...

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Scotney Castle and Cherry Coupe with Cherry Rose Cookies
Scotney Old Castle My monthly cooking club Creative Crew’s challenge this month was to make a one-color dish.  This being the beginning of summer, it got me thinking of cherries.  I discovered when I first wrote about cherries ( HERE )  that Kent was the ep...

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John William Godward, Neo-Classical Color and Scented Blueberry Pie
It’s January and the snow has sucked all the color out of the world. Have you ever longed for saturated colors or is it just me? We need a color blast. A dozen or so years ago, the Brooklyn Museum held an exhibit of Victorian paintings. To tell the truth ...

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The Chafing Dish, Trending Fad of 1890 and Game Birds with Grapes
Lost Past Remembered was born 6 years ago when I had the outrageous good fortune to stumble upon a forgotten collection of menus at the PLAYERS CLUB in NYC. Many of them were autographed and dated back to the club’s founding in 1888. Delmonicos Menu from me...

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The New York Academy of Medicine Library, Cookbook Treasures and Queen Victoria's Turkey
New York Academy of Medicine, founded 1847, at 5th Avenue and 103rd since 1926 I was introduced to the New York Academy of Medicine a few weeks ago. It’s housed in an impressive Byzantine-ish building on 5th Avenue full of spacious rooms, a beautiful audit...

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Personal History, Norman Roots and Pork with Calvados Apple Cream
Mont St. Michel, Normandy This has been a rather tumultuous time for me. After finishing up the show I was working on, I drove back to Illinois to dispose of a house and its contents – vowing to take nothing home that wouldn’t fit in my little SUV. It wasn...
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