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I believe in ideas because idea is wealth & i just want to entertain, inspire, give ideas & solve problems by rendering solutions
I believe in ideas because idea is wealth & i just want to entertain, inspire, give ideas & solve problems by rendering solutions


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Ladies Fashion Diary #3: 7 Amazing Celebrity Curly Hairstyles
Ladies we are here again! It's our #ladies_fashion_diary_3 and now we are bringing you Amazing curly celebrity hairstyles you would love to see and do.            1. PLATINUM CORKSCREW : To achieve this texture, use a diffuser when you blow out your hair an...

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Having Problems With Your Bras? Here are 5 Ways To Know Your Bra Doesn't Fit
Do you know whether you are putting on the wrong bras? Its so sad to see ladies wearing the wrong bras and still trying to show off on campus. Well for those who are really interested in knowing the right from wrong, here is how to know far beyond any doubt...

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10 Amazing Life Tips To Stay Inspired
Today we are going to be telling you some ten amazing tips to stay inspired. This tips are based majorly On staying healthy, planning your day, continuous learning and staying focused and happy.          Staying Healthy 1 Drinking water : you need to always...

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The New Campus Crush Of The Week 26/03/17--Ogunyemi Mary Olayemi
It's here again! Our campus crush of the week is here and today we've brought you guys a beautiful princess from the (UNILORIN) University of ilorin. Check her out below... 1. What's your full name?. Ogunyemi Mary Olayemi 2.what's the name of your school?  ...

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  When we first came together,  We were jolly fellows.  Welcoming one another with laughter.  Remember we don't know each other from Adam.  We have been brought together by the e-portal and bed space sellers But we take to one another like brothers in a reu...

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An Ode To The Unloved
My well rendered vessel full of numerous needs made potent with eyes of longing and expectations - instead, spurned and tussled and pierced asunder by arrows tipped with the bitterest gall of my brethren fetid with the funk of hate immemorial. At once my ho...

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Ladies Fashion Diary #2: More Beautiful Ankara Collections
Well to you all our amazing readers we've brought you episode 2 of our ladies fashion diary and in this episode We are showing you guys more beautiful Ankara styles, we hope you'll love it. See photos below...   We hope you will have a lot to say about this...

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A While After Karreuche's Court Restraining Order, Chris Brown Re-Follows Rihanna On Instagram
Could they be dating? OMG, enough with all the forward and backward! Attempt as he may want to proceed onward, Chris Brown can't just forget about Rihanna and cut her out of his life. The rapper re-took after his ex on Instagram, making one wonder if the pr...

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Meet Campus Crush Of The Week 19/03/17 GIFTY OSAMUDIAME
1. What's your full name? Agbonifoh Gift Osamudiame 2.what's the name of your school? University of Benin 3. What's your nickname? Gifty 4. How old are you? 17 5. what's your favourite colour? Blue 6. Department and level? Animal and environmental biology 1...
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