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Comcast using a trick to raise rates on internet customers.

My Comcast Business Internet bill went up $7 this month. When I called to find out why, I was told Comcast had done an "audit" of the sales department and found many people should have been paying for their equipment since the beginning of their contract period but weren't. Rather than charge me for the last two years of rental, they're going to be nice and just start charging me the $7/month now.

I signed a contract with them that has a line labeled "Internet Equipment Fee" and the box until the "Total Cost" column is blank (see image below). When I mentioned this to the CS rep she told me that if there was a "$0.00" in that box I would get free equipment. Then, she tried to claim equipment isn't even covered by the contract. When I pointed out there's a line item for it she just changed the subject, in classic redirection style.

When I originally talked to the sales person, back a couple of years ago, I asked if the equipment was included in the price and I was told an emphatic "yes" it was. Now, Comcast is trying to use this ridiculous trick to get $7 more a month out of me.

Apparently there are a large number of people that fall into this category. If that is the case, we need to complain to Comcast and make them understand we won't agree to this increase. A contract is a contract.

I'm curious: did this also happen to Residential customers?


I have talked with 3 Bill CS reps and escalated to one supervisor. All maintain the same story and claim they can't change the bill. They said the sales department is the only one that can change the contract. So, I called the sales department and, they claim they can't change it and the "customer retention" department is the only one who can change it. Mysteriously, he couldn't transfer me to that department, but gave me the phone number. When I call it, they're closed, even though the time I called falls in the hours they claim to operate (8-5pm Pacific).
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There are many cheap compatible cable modems. Buy one.
The problem with grabbing a compatible modem is that they will offer absolutely zero support when it doesn't work. Even using their guidance sheet to buy the most compatible ones are no silver bullet.
Hai Le
Doesn't Comcast offer their own modems for sale? In that case wouldn't they offer support on products they're selling?
According to my last paper statement, the monthly cost for internet service is also going up $3 as of Jan 1, 2012.
I'm not surprised by this. Hope you get things worked out... or cancel and go with a competitor, if one is even available in your area.
The exact same thing happened to me. I logged in to check my latest Comcast Business Internet invoice and saw they had jacked the price up $7 without warning or explanation. I complained on Twitter and one of their accounts tweeted at me to email them, so I sent a huge email complaint. They gave me the same "audit blah blah missed charge" spiel but said they'd make an exception for me and not charge me the new fee. I'm assuming they only did this because I griped publicly about it; otherwise, they were content to collect an extra $7 from me each month without even telling me why (I had to discover the charge and contact them for an explanation, which is messed up).
C'mon now, cut them a break, their old AS400 backend just can't keep up!
+Andrew Herron I actually think this is where I'm running into some issues on using a third party modem presently. The old modem was a dinosaur, I put in a Docsis 3.0 modem and it works great when nobody is home to use it, and completely loses it's mind when people are home from work and using the other links on the same node. Comcast technical support has been less than effective at fixing the problem.
I've had my SB5120 modem for going on 3 years now and rarely have I heard of problems with even the older Motorola modems. Can't speak to the other modems they use in conjunction with their telephony service.
Jim Weeder
Corporate Escalations
National Customer Service Deployment Center
720-268-8800 ext. 53233
1-800-718-7419 ext. 53233M-F 6AM to 2:30PM MTNIts time to call the Executive Customer Service Support line.!/comcastcares,
Allen, you're full of crap. There is absolutely no reason for a cable modem to break down after 12-18 months, just as I've been using a Linksys WRT54G router for something like 8 years now that still runs fine, and the cable modem I got in 2006 is still working fine 6 years later. I was planning to replace it because it's too old to be DOCSIS 3.0 compliant, but since I just ordered FIOS it's a moot point.
Garret, you'll be hard pressed to find a techy on the other end of the line. When I worked there we started out as 40+ strong techs who had to go through many technical questions during the interview. By the time I left we were over 200 and the turnover rate had skyrocketed, along with forced up-selling and cross-department support.
Make a complaint to the public service commission in your area.
They tried to double charge me for internet last year when I lived in Philly. I fought them via Executive Support and got $800 refunded. Comcast is evil just like most megacorps and there is one thing that they want: your money.
Hi there, I am a customer who recently dropped a comcast modem and bought the same one and has it up and running.

They have done this rental price raise the past few years. You can buy the same modem comcast offers for 50 dollars on amazon (and this is a device you can usually buy used and be ok, it also often has sales for around 30$). For 7 bucks you'll be saving money in under 8 months.

The "U" on this model just stands for USB support for older computers w/o ethernet jacks. The modem model is the same as comcast offers.

After you buy and get the modem, just call Comcast and go through the robocall options for internet technical support. Just tell them you have a new modem, and they will walk you through the set up (it took me about 20 minutes).

At the end you will have to give the original modem back to comcast. You can drop it off at one of their drop locations, or they will free of charge send you a box to send it back in (you can drop these off at any UPS store).

From what Comcast told me, they have a large wide range of compatibility for 3rd party modems, but I can only verify that the SB5101U model works perfectly well. There are plenty of other modem options, even some newer ones that contain a wireless router and modem in the same device (like the SBG6580). I'd call comcast before buying to ensure they support these options.
I've had the same experience. When I signed up for Business Class last year I was told that if I signed a 3 year contract my rate would not change for 3 years. Nevertheless we have a new $7 fee on our bill this month. Bait-and-switch is the term I use to describe it. I talked to a technical support rep who told me that I should have no problem using my own modem. Was surprised to hear him say that since others have been told differently. I have a new Motorola modem on the way. If they give me any trouble when I try to hook it up I'll be livid.
Save yourself the trouble and just buy a modem. $50 up front saves a lot of fees over time. I've been using Motorola Cable modems since the 2120 model and have never changed one due to failure; only to enable more features. I currently use a 5120 I got to allow DOCSIS 3.0 speeds.
Poland, you shouldn't have any trouble at all.

What I will ask for all of you is that you understand the stoop on the other end goes through a mountain of bullshit every day, beside having irate and combative customers shout at them. Yeah, it sucks, but please, take some time to think about the poor sap who had quotas to upsell and metrics they have to hit. Don't you get annoyed at work when someone complains to you about a problem that wasn't originally your fault?

If you have a problem with Comcast (who doesn't?), then I strongly advise you take it up with the BUSINESS executives, not the customer account executives. They're just like you and really hate that you're pissed off too.
+G.Waleed Kavalec You can't use your own modem with a business account. I asked and they cited an FCC regulation but wouldn't give the details about it, only saying that the modem has to be Class A. I looked it up and found that Comcast must use Class A technology for businesses but the business customer doesn't have to use their modems, it's the customer's choice. Comcast outright lies about FCC regulations on a regular basis.

I fought this same battle with the $7 charge. They claimed that the contract says that "Comcast can change the pricing at any time" (quoting a customer service rep). They also insist on interrupting and yelling at customers on the phone. It's very infuriating. I found the contract for the time period that I signed up and just like +Inky Reveal found, it doesn't say anything about equipment costs, or the ability of Comcast to change rates. We should have been grandfathered in until the 2 year contract was renewed with new terms and conditions. In my opinion it should be illegal to change pricing on an active contract, although Comcast thinks they only have to give 60 days notice through email.

I also looked into dropping business and going with residential and using my own modem. It would save me roughly $20/mo (not counting discount rates). The problem is I would have to buy out the contract for $417, which Comcast has already broken terms of.

In the end one of the representatives offered a discount for 1 year of $10 without having to renew my contract, even though I would have been happy with the $7 removed until the contract renewal. In September I'll start the process to drop "Business Class" service and switch back to residential, saving $20/mo and not having to pay for a modem. I only wish by then that another company will show up in my area, like cheaper 25Mbps+ FIOS.
No one mentioned a rental fee to me either (residential) but I would have to check my bill to see about the line item.

I had to call three times to finally get a rep that said I could buy my own modem and avoid the 7 dollar a month fee. Mind you I am on a phone and cable plan "special" that makes the phone plan "free", but the monthly rental was 7 bucks. I asked if I could just have a regular modem without the phone and they all three said no since it would actually add 35 dollars to my bill monthly to have just internet. It was the third one that finally suggested I could buy a modem with the phone tied in. Craigslist and 30 bucks later I have a modem I don't need to pay for monthly. When my "special" is up and I need a regular modem I wonder if they will demand I buy another one again or get screwed.
I'm failing to see how anyone can be surprised by this... but really, I've been paying $7 for my modem since I started my service, so yeah... welcome to the club really...

Good luck with getting it reversed... I've been trying to get my installation fee refunded since having upgraded stuff installed because the installer was rude, taunted my dogs, put the boxes in the wrong room, and was smoking in my garage and ashing on my motorcycle.... They've been giving me a runaround on this for ages now, they think I'm going to forget.. I'm not going to forget.
Guess I should check our bill. Also, we've had our modem for 4+ years, so they don't break every 12-18 months.
Unfortunately the terms and conditions give comcast the right to change this fee at any time.
"Q1: What's the impact to my contract of this fee increase?
A1: The terms and conditions applicable to your Business Class services are located on our web site at by clicking the “Terms and Conditions” link at the bottom right of the page. (If the customer asks for the specific section of the terms and conditions regarding rates, reps should direct them to Article 3.1)."
trust me you're better off without the comcast modem... buyyourself a half decent router... no wonder they charge for it if it's that shitt.y noone wants them
cable modems are super cheap...go buy one, problem solved.
I bought my own hardware a year ago like others have said to do. When I had LOTS of internet issues this year I called up comcast and they gave me a line about the device I bought being bad. When I told them I tried another modem that I got from my friend they said that the router wasn't compatible. When I called them out on that they said that it could be that I didn't update the firmware on it, and that they would help me but it's not their hardware and offered to sell me another one at their 7 dollars per month rate. How do businesses get away with this?
If you return your modem to Comcast, SAVE THE RECEIPT! They claimed that I hadn't returned mine when I had, and I had to pay $80 RIGHT NOW or get sent to collections. Supposedly they found it but I'm still waiting for my refund.
+Brendan McCarty The terms and conditions are variable by date of signing. My T&C are from 11/2010. Section 3.1 for this version references equipment fees, however the contract was created with a free modem and later on in that section they say "monthly recurring charges for Video and Internet Services shall not increase during the initial Service Term." Again, I would be fine with paying for the modem if it were in the original contract, but they shouldn't be allowed to change the pricing on existing contracts. I'm not arguing, just pointing out that it's very muddy.
Simple solution: call a lawyer. Breach of contract is so easy to prove as everything is right there in writing with your name signed to it. Gather up with others (such as myself) who's contracts have been breached and form a class action. Mine looks like it's going up $20/m.
ThePiratebay has really good prices on TV shows.
Business class service in Minneapolis would not let me use my own equipment so I was forced to accept their POS cable modem. Now they have the balls to charge me for the privilege too.
My home Internet "Recurring Charges" just went up $5. Can't find a breakdown of the cause on the site but definitely calling...
As a former Comcast phone monkey, this comes as no surprise. The line that only sales people can change bill rates is patently false; as a tier 1 agent, I had direct access to bill rates and could modify the services on an account at will.

Actually canceling the service is an exercise in futility even if you can get through to retention (and, like you said, they're barely open even during their advertised operating hours). Case in point, when I switched to FIOS, I had to call them up for four months straight to dispute the bill that I kept getting. Maddening.
Comcast has always charged a equipment fee, yes, but they've also been known to wave that fee as a signup incentive. To go back on that agreement (especially in the face of supporting contract evidence) is hardly what I'd consider nice.
After spending easily 40 hours wrestling with Comcast over getting a CableCard to work, I found out how to get results from Comcast!

It's as simple as sending an email to them.

Their 1-800 # is manned by low-paid phone jockeys, and their managers are barely more qualified. If you're lucky on repeat calls during certain hours, you might get routed directly to a tech, but that's a crap-shoot.

Instead, you have to send an email, which gets read by customer service executives at the corporate office. They get stuck with a ticket, and they have to see it through until you're a satisfied customer. Use the online email process that starts off here:

These people have all the power that the Tier-1 people don't. They could probably even give you free cable.

Be detailed, reference your previous efforts to have a problem resolved, and express your frustration and interest in going with a competitor. I went so far as to say they're fortunate to enjoy a virtual monopoly in my area.

When I did this finally, I was called the next day by a manager that knew what he was doing and could help. He also left me his cell phone # (which I've used twice, and he's helped me immediately and called me back to review). If you try to go in through the 1-800 #, you'll just end up in purgatory. Tier-1 support is there to solve simple problems, which probably make up 99% of the calls... but if you have a real grievance, just start at the top and write to corporate, because Tier-1 support seems to have a maximum escalation quota that they'd rather die to protect.

If you get results this way, also remember to use that same form to give your friendly tech/manager any deserved positive feedback.
Thanks for the heads-up, definitely calling Comcast as soon as I get off of work. This is ridiculous.
I remember reading somewhere that Comcast was voted one of the worst companies in the United States. It doesn't surprise me that those sneaky fucks would try something like this.
I currently use my own modem.
Yep. Went through this last week. Thanks for sharing.
The way to get to the "retention department" is threaten to cancel your service, they have to transfer you there so they can try to keep you before you cancel.
At $7 dollar a mouth I would just go out and buy my own modem. I wish I could switch to but their service is not available in my part of south San Jose. I am stuck with ATT U-verse at least I still has No caps on my internet yet
I'm a sonic customer and pretty happy with the service the provide. They aren't jerks, either.
+John riopel: The biggest issue here is that Comcast Small Business actively discourages users from using their own modems. In fact, I believe it's frustratingly difficult (if not impossible) if the user has a Static IP on their account. I could accept this when there was no charge for the modem, but now the lack of an alternative plus this snaky fee just bothers me. I can't wait to see how long it takes to set up a modem when I get a DOCSIS 3.0 one in.
Yes. This is a terrible thing they do. I had the same thing happen to me, where there was a difference in the price they advertise vs. the price you pay. Basically, there are "local" prices, and whatever they advertise may not even apply to you. $70/month for just internet here. I hate them.
The one thing that comes to mind whenever someone talks about using their own modem vs a Comcast modem is this, anytime you call Comcast about a problem, how much of the time will they blame the problem on the modem since its not one of theirs?
Never. Ive had a few problems. They can check the modem. My problems stemmed from a bad splitter.
Unfortunately a lot of companies are trying crap like this. Netflix tried and it backfired and they rescinded. Verizon tried it with their $2 to pay your own bill ridiculousness and rescinded the following day. It will just take enough people to speak out and this would get rescinded too.

On the flip side - along with wanting quality equipment, this is the very reason I purchase my own "gear" for these types of things. If you plan on sticking with comcast, look into the Motorola SB6120 cable modem - it's very fast, docsys 3.0 compliant, works with comcast because I'm using it, and my local costco has it for $75 - less than a year to get your money back.
Comcast Business actually has several different TOS depending on when you signed your contract. Here is the link for their current TOS:

This is a link for older TOS:

I signed up in April of 2011 and in those TOS, it says nothing about being able to change the rates.
Article 3.1 from my TOS:

3.1 Charges. Customer shall pay Comcast one hundred
percent (100%) of the Custom Installation Fee prior to the
installation of Service. Customer further agrees to pay all
charges associated with the Services, as set forth or referenced
in the applicable Service Order(s) or invoiced by Comcast.
These charges may include, but are not limited to installation
charges, monthly recurring service charges, usage charges
including without limitation charges for the use of Comcast
Equipment, per-call charges, pay-per-view charges, charges for
service calls, maintenance and repair charges, and applicable
federal, state, and local taxes, fees, surcharges and recoupments
(however designated). Some Services such as measured and
per-call charges, pay-per-view movies or events, and interactive
television (as explained below in the Voice, Video and Public
View Video Additional Terms) may be invoiced after the Service
has been provided to Customer. Except as otherwise indicated
herein or on the applicable Service Order(s), monthly recurring
charges for Internet Services shall not increase during the initial
Service Term.

My initial contract has a $5.00 Equipment fee, which has been billed on my statement as "IP Gateway". As of the December bill, the name has now changed to "Equipment Fee" and has been increased to $7.00.
I was also told as of signing the contract that with Business Class the end user cannot use their own modem and is required to use a Comcast modem.

As a side note, last month I called them out on the fact that I was supposed to be receiving my single IP address at no cost, but they had been billing me the entire time for it. They stated they would credit my account, but that has not yet happened after almost 2 months. If I had any other high speed choice I would drop Comcast in a heartbeat. Unfortunately they have a monopoly here for high speed.
I will be calling them (yet again) to dispute and get as much credit as I possibly can...IF they actually give the credit they say they will give.
I had similar problems with ATT when they charged me for an installation that never occurred, they 'credited' my account but then started charging me for the equipment that had previously been free (I assume to try and recoup their loss) I dropped them immediately and refused to pay any cancellation charges. I suggest you guys do the same just to stick it to them. I went with charter communications and have been paying a fraction of ATT's price for faster internet and better customer service! Good luck brotha!
Hey, everyone... I just created a petition entitled "Comcast: Drop the new $7 equipment fee for online access", calling on Comcast to drop their new "equipment rental" fee, which essentially increases the costs for internet services by upto 12% over previous month's charges.

I'm trying to collect 100,000 signatures, and I could really use your help.

To read more about what I'm trying to do and to sign my petition, click here:

It'll just take a minute!

Once you're done, please ask your friends to sign the petition as well. Grassroots movements succeed because people like you are willing to spread the word!
+Garrett McGrath - Regarding Comcast not supporting you if you buy your own cable modem, this is bunk. I've owned my own cable modem for around 5 years now and never had any problems. Comcast maintains a list of devices with certification levels:
I talked to my dad about this as he is a Comcast customer. He said he already caught this charge a few months ago despite having purchased the equipment himself (in full) via a third party. He had the same issues with getting connected to a customer service rep who could fix the issue.

To fix the problem, he said he contacted the Vice President of Operations and explained the problem. He finished his email with: "if your customer service cannot resolve this issue, I will take it up with the proper federal organization."

Mysteriously, the charge disappeared next month.
+James Snyder: Did you run into any trouble doing so? When I signed up initially, Comcast gave me the same spiel about "no support" and "no compatibility".
+James Snyder Unfortunately this is not true for Business Class, as has been mentioned. Residential allows for purchasing your own modem but under Business Class they limit you to their SMC modem. (Their list does show a Motorola as well, but my understanding is that will only work if you do not have a static IP address)
thanks, just checked. .. turns out they are charging me for a modem too. .. even though i don't rent one.. .also for HD upgrade when i dont have TV service. ...
if you are a customer within California (which i think you are based on your timezone) let me know. I used to work in the CA regional office for the business class services.
+G.Waleed Kavalec I really hate how Google+ only allows upvotes (similar to Facebook's stupid likes). Your suggestion is a poor one. The purpose of the OP's post is to have Comcast reverse the charges he's incurred for equipment so far and never be charged again the equipment. Your suggestion does nothing more than get the disgruntled customer (and rightfully so I might add) off Comcast's back. Further, I believe it shows a complete misunderstanding of the OP's post in general. Please stop being afraid of companies.
Asa Strout-Hearick, I just looked at my latest bill and I have it. I am a California customer.
You have just encouraged me to submit a complaint with the FCC, this is just crap.

I had a similar problem with Comcast Business. They have really gone downhill ever since they no longer have local support and sales groups. Everything is being done out of Philly now.

When I moved, I had a change of service put in (this was 6 months ago). I told them there was no way I was going to pay $7/month for a modem, and the sales person was horribly rude and wouldn't return my phone calls.

You have to be forceful, because they don't want you to buy your own modem, but you can get a perfectly good modem for $20 on ebay. That's what I did. If you have good inside wiring and technically savvy, don't let them scare you about the "no support" nonsense, they just want to milk you for another $84 a year.

Edit: I just checked my bill, and I'm getting charge $7, and I have my own modem. WOW
I spoke with Comcast just a bit ago. Tier 1 customer service said the typical, "We can't do anything." When I asked "who can?", She referred me to her supervisor who again stated, "we cannot do anything". I cited the fact that my contract is for $5.00 and my TOS does not state the fact that they can raise that cost. The supervisor did not have much to say other than he could put me in touch with their legal department. I did eventually get him to waive this month's, and this month's only Equipment Fee.

He did say as well that they are tracking disgruntled customers about this specific issue. So everyone please do your duty and call in to complain about this. Let them know that they have wronged their customers (not that they care) and they should do something about it.

On a note that most here will find interesting, he stated that they WILL be supporting modems outside of the SMC modem for business class which would allow for purchase of a modem. I asked for this in writing. He said he had an internal document, but would find out what he can send me and follow up tomorrow with me. I got his email address so I will be following up with him if I don't hear from him tomorrow.
Just noticed this on my bill as well. Going to call and see what complaining will do. Not holding my breath.
When I moved a few months ago, they tried to raise my bill from around $55 a month to $87 a month for the same level of service. I signed up with a different (even shittier) provider because of this. Raising my bill over 50% is unacceptable.
I was here earlier complaining about a new $7 charge on my Business Class bill. I just purchased and connected my own modem (Motorola SB6120) and called tech support to have it activated. It took about 15 minutes and they couldn't have been nicer about it. I was told to take the old modem to the comcast office and get a receipt for it. And it looks like my line is uncapped -- at least at the moment... I'm getting 42mb/s instead of the previous 12mb/s.
As a residential customer I've noticed that Comcast raises my rates once or twice a year without explanation.
They need competition, but the barriers to entry they bought in congress make that nearly impossible.
this is completely unacceptable, I really wish google would expand their internet services faster, my parents live in sacramento and when it comes to internet providers, comcast is the only one, its a monopoly up here, all the other services are just ridiculously slow and not worth it.
Portland here, same deal. Business customer since Sept 2010; they just added the $7 charge. I'll be taking that up with them tomorrow, as well as directly with their local business office (I provision some customers with their service), and the MHCRC (I work directly with their negotiation group). Damned annoying.
I just wonder how far off it is that Comcast will be able to censor threads like this from their subscribers?
One day Comcast. You'll get yours! (shaking fist)
Your contract also appears to include 14 free static IPs, and 3 free Web Hosting packages, which also are not selected and have no price. Any luck in getting those?
I think this is the Comcast help Google+ Page +Comcastcares . Yo Comcast - what's up with the $7 charge?
Just adding to the thread, I have had similar problems and misleading information from Comcast in my area as well. I wanted to get the 20Mbps down service, they told me I'd need a special modem that I'd have to rent or purchase from them to get those speeds, so I opted to go with the 10Mbps service which would allow me (according to them) to keep using the same Motorolla modem. Fast forward about 20 minutes, after I upgraded our service...I reset everything and went to to see what speeds we were getting.....low and behold! We were getting 20-21Mbps...without the modem upgrade they claimed I would have required! I still get 20Mbps on a good day, even though I am only paying for the 10Mbps....glad I didn't let them talk me into getting the modem!
Similar story happened to me as a residential customer about two years ago. I noticed my internet bill went up so I called and got transferred to the local corporate office. I was told about an "audit" which revealed local sales reps were signing up customers for a lower and incorrect rate. I explained that wasn't my problem and was told "you are lucky we are not back billing you for the months since you signed your contract". The best part was I signed up with not the local office. I pointed that out and was immediately transferred to a supervisor who apologized and refunded my money. It's just a scam to get more dollars out of the pockets of their customers. 1) They dont send out notice of the "audit" or increased rates 2) A large percentage of people will never notice the increase 3) Those that do probably won't call and try and get their money back 4) The remainder that do call are told about "audits" and "back billing" so they drop their complaint. It's actually a pretty genius when you think about it. Low overhead , high returns and plausible deniability. +1 Comcast 
I have not checked my bill. But if there is an additional charge I will be dropping Comcast asap ! I am sick of these corporate Tricks
Just emailed Comcast about this exact issue. I have comcast business class and my contract specifically states $5.00 per month for Internet Equipment Fee. Last month they raised it to $7.00. Let's see if I get the same story.
want to get to any retention dept of a company, that's simple when you call, just put it simple I'm wanting to cancel my service and the call will be transfer. it's that simple. How ever I suggest going online and purchasing your own cable box / modem that way they can't fuck with the firmware on "your" devices, if they do, there's a new issue for tampering with shit that does not belong to them. /story.
I didn't read through all the comments so if someone has already said this, sorry. The customer retention department is really easy to reach. All you need to do is call them up and tell them that you want to cancel your comcast service. They'll transfer you directly there.
When I moved recently, I had to cancel my Comcast service. I looked at the cable modem, they'd been renting me for $4 a month and discovered I could have bought one from Amazon for $12.
I've had a business account since February 2010, and paid a higher sign-up fee to make sure I would be out of contract as soon as possible. I just spoke to someone in the customer retention department who agreed to reduce my rate by $10 for the next 12 months. I can't say whether the same offer would be made to a customer still in contract, but it'll keep me from scrambling to transfer to a different ISP in the short run.
I just spoke to Comcast Business, and pushed hard on the modem rental fee. Apparently sometime this month they are changing their policy and allowing users to bring their own modem and router combination. JFYI.
Update: talked to the retention person a few weeks ago and they offered to discount the service by $10 rather than removing the $7 fee. Got the bill this weekend and found that they never applied the discount. I'll be calling them again.
Why not start a class action law suit?
In regards to the modem fee, I just had my business line installed today 16.2.2012. Only the SB6120 was allowed as a customer owned device. They added it to the account over the phone and not through the captive portal. Now the tech still believed the old policy was still in effect, so I asked them to call it in and confirmed I could bring my own modem over. After the installation I called customer service to make sure the $7 charge was not on the bill as it was on the work order, and they had already removed it. Update: Just got my bill, no $7 modem fee. :)
I have an update -- After MANY unsuccessful contacts with Comcast, I bought the Motorola SB1620 and notified them to come pick up their gateway. But the only way I was releasing it was if they sign a receipt for their modem, PLUS reimburse me for what I paid for the Motorola. I got a phone call a couple of days later, the rep apologised and credited my account over $200 (includes free service for 2 months and the price of my new modem.)
if anyone hasn't noticed Angela's post above, she's fantastic and you really should contact her ASAP.  No charge, no investment, she is only looking for your stories, specifically as she points out as they related to Business Class subscribers and two items: the really sinister "Auto Renewal" rip off scheme and of course as many are posting about the $7 modem fee BS (and or any violation of contract you find wrongful, and again Business Class not residential)

**Also I have added each of you with an auto-renewal comment or $7 modem fee comment to a Circle on my Google+ labeled "Comcast" and will be reaching out to you, to encourage you to contact Angela when you have time.

and for your reading pleasure my thread on the auto-renewal scheme (not attempting to hijack your comments by any means.  We're all in this together)
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