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A2Z Supplement Shop is best site to choose food supplements which promote your health efficiently.
A2Z Supplement Shop is best site to choose food supplements which promote your health efficiently.


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a2zsupplementshop | What Is Diabetes

What is diabetes 2016 ?
Glucose in blood is the main source of fuel for our bodies. But high blood glucose is called Diabetes which is a metabolism disorder. Doctor describes that Diabetes belongs to group of metabolic diseases which causes very high blood glucose in patient because low insulin production or body cells do not respond to insulin properly as well as both above.
Some horrible facts about diabetes !!!
Diabetes is a long term condition to increase blood sugar level. Over 400 million persons in the whole world suffer in diabetes according a survey conducted in 2013.
Diabetes is dramatically increasing last decades. W.H.O estimates that no of diabetes patients may be more than double by 2030. Diabetes causes more death rate than AIDS and breast cancer combined. It takes 1 American’s life after every 3 minutes.

Diabetes has major three types !
Type 1 Diabetes :
In this Stage human body does not produce insulin. This type develop before 40th year of age , often in early adulthood or teenage years.10% of diabetes cases are type 1.
Patients with this type need to take insulin injections for the whole life. They should also ensure to maintain blood-glucose levels by carrying out regular blood tests and taking a special diet and exercise as well.
Type 2 Diabetes :
In this Stage body produce a very low insulin which is not sufficient for function. 90% cases of diabetes are belongs to this type. Most people can control type 2 diabetes symptoms by controlling Weight, eating healthy diet, taking proper exercise and monitoring glucose level in blood regularly.
But if you not take that measures type 2 diabetes gradually gets worse and should harm on you nervous system or cardiovascular system.
Obesity and heavy weight have a higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes specially people with a lot of visceral fat ,belly fat or abdominal obesity are specially on risk.
3- Gestational Diabetes -
This diabetes affects women’s during their pregnancies. Because in some females have a higher level of glucose in blood during pregnancy and their body not able to produce much insulin to shift all glucose to their cells, so their glucose level rising very much. Most of gestational diabetes patients can control diabetes with exercise and diet.
Uncontrolled gestational diabetes should increase the risk of complications during childbirth. The baby may be bigger at normal size.
The major symptoms of diabetes are extreme hunger, thirst, frequent urination, unusual weight loss, fatigue, very slow healing of wounds, sexual dysfunction in males. Eating improper diet, gaining much weight and physically inactive all are contributes to risk of type 2 diabetes. Experts are not sure about that but they claim that developing type 2 diabetes risk more and more as we get older.

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