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The Seafarer and the Widow
The Barque, White Sea of Boston by Peterson As dawn there creeps slow over sea's smooth edge, A ship so all and proud sits shifting, trapped. The seafarers run, leaving harbor's ledge. The ship so full, it flees on waves white capped. While standing docksid...

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Indirect Lesson Plans Flashcards
These are the core flash cards that I created for the indirect lesson plan. The formatting got a little bit screwed up. Because this was intended to be a micro teaching, I intended to give each pair the first eight cards, and then give each group sixteen ot...

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Indirect Teaching Lesson Plan Script
Introduction Daily intro, and Novel Ideas Activity (What governments do you know?) Teacher: Good morning class! Students: Good morning Mrs. Phillips. T: We’ve been discussing different types of governments. On your paper, please list the types of government...

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Extra Credit: Family Reunion, Part II
I shared Part I of the family reunion trip a few days ago. This is the second part.  After the mall we headed over to Kue'd Smokehouse, the barbecue joint that a relative owns. We didn't get any special treatment, but we did get some good food. We sat with ...

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Extra Credit: Family Reunion, Part I
Extra Credit: This is a timely event that requires additional posts. For the next few days, you'll see a post every other day until I'm done sharing my trip. Last weekend we were in Des Moines for a family reunion on my husband's side. We were traveling wit...

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Review of Micro-Teaching
I got a chance to actually teach the lesson that I planned out, scripted out, and created the handouts for. We taught the whole lesson in fifteen minutes to a handful of our fellow students. It was taped, and then we were expected to look over our teaching ...

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Faux Governments
This is the printables for the Microteaching plan that was posted on May 23 and May 26. Democracy Eshea has a long history as a country. In Eshea, any citizen can vote by providing proof of citizenship, but they do a lot of tourism business, so they make ve...

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Micro-Teaching Direct Lesson Plan (Comparing Governments) Part II
The preparation work was posted on May 23rd.  In-Class Script Introduction or Opening The introduction includes a short discussion of previous class: how people organize themselves into small groups and larger groups and there are ties between them. Teacher...

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Micro-Teaching Direct Lesson Plan (Comparing Governments) Part I
Comparing Governments Day One For high school students Rationale :  The basics of different types of government. It is useful when analyzing real governments in the current world. However, real world events color our perception of the forms of government, u...

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Journal Article Review: Reflective Practices
McMahan, S. K. & Garza, R. (2016). Fostering preservice teachers’ development: Engagement in practice and learning . Current Issues in Education , 19(3). Retrieved from McMahan and Garza discuss...
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