O'Reilly's Top Stories: May 21-25, 2012

Highlights from this week: How data, privacy and shared services are driving the White House's new digital government plan; Jim Stogdill examined the fine line between obsessive personal tracking and an open-ended approach to motivation; and author John Ferrara discussed gaming's role in cultural transformation.


White House launches new digital government strategy

The nation's new strategy for digital government is built on data, shared services, citizen-centrism, and consistent methodologies for privacy and security. (By +Alexander Howard)


Quantified me

+Jim Stogdill is trying to walk the line between obsessive tracking and an open-ended approach to motivation.


A gaming revolution, minus the hype

"Playful Design" author John Ferrara discusses gaming's place in cultural transformation, and he offers five universal principles of good game design. (By +Jenn Webb)


What do mHealth, eHealth and behavioral science mean for the future of healthcare?

Dr. Audie Atienza says we're just at the beginning of discovering how to best develop and utilize mobile technology to improve the health of individuals and the public. (By +Alexander Howard)


Social reading should focus on common interests rather than friend status

In this TOC podcast, ReadSocial co-founder +Travis Alber discusses her company's focus on building their platform without tying it to your social graph. (By +Joe Wikert)

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