What is DevOps?

+Mike Loukides:

" +Adrian Cockcroft's article about NoOps at Netflix (http://bit.ly/NkKwlv) ignited a controversy that has been smouldering for some months. +John Allspaw's detailed response (http://bit.ly/L6wNeC) to Adrian's article makes a key point: What Adrian described as "NoOps" isn't really.

"Operations doesn't go away. Responsibilities can, and do, shift over time, and as they shift, so do job descriptions. But no matter how you slice it, the same jobs need to be done, and one of those jobs is operations.

"What Adrian is calling NoOps at Netflix isn't all that different from Operations at Etsy. But that just begs the question: What do we mean by "operations" in the 21st century?

"If NoOps is a movement for replacing operations with something that looks suspiciously like operations, there's clearly confusion. Now that some of the passion has died down, it's time to get to a better understanding of what we mean by operations and how it's changed over the years."

Read the full post: http://oreil.ly/NOOtfY

Also available as a free download (PDF, EPUB, Mobi formats): http://oreil.ly/KB1lc0

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