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Decision + Action = Organization
Decision + Action = Organization

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Start organizing your closet with these simple tips.

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Bedtec ™ Wall Bed in the Bedroom
Reclaim valuable space and capture the comfort of a
bedroom in any room with this sleek design.

This Wall Bed is great for a guest bedroom, because it gives the person some space to have to theirselves and put clothes in drawers.

Closet Organization Tip: Utilize your closet to the best of your ability. Hanging your clothes by like items will help you find the clothes you are looking for easily.

Tip of the Day:
If you spent 30 minutes a day after work organizing, there will be more time on the weekend to spend time with your family or go to the movies.

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Holiday Tip #2:
Make sure to have you holiday wrapping paper, scissors, and tape before you start wrapping gifts. Being organized will make your holiday more enjoyable.

Holiday Tip:
Getting ready for the family to come over can be a stressful time as there is lot to due such as cleaning, cooking, and looking organized.

Everyday for a week, pick a spot in the house to clean and focus on getting that done and then the house will be clean before all the family relatives comes in.

Decide on what to cook for the holiday dinner a week prior so you have enough time to get groceries or have family members bring it to the dinner.

What are some of your favorite holiday treats or dinners?

My favorite holiday dinner consists of the our families traditional Italian dinner. Generally consists of Ale Olia Pasta and Grandma's potatoes.

Closet World extends their condolences to the family and victims of this tragic event in Connecticut this morning.

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These Silhouette Doors are great to get a different feel to your bedroom or office door. What are your thoughts about these sliding doors?
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