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Media Consultant/Writer/Broadcaster/Executive Producer/Near-Sighted


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Hey Cool Cats,

My local paper, The Daily Journal, gave me a shoutout in a piece about Progresso's proud relationship with Vineland. You should check it out:

I'm slowly becoming that person that buys clothes for their dog. Do I get a pass if it's sports related?

I still get anxiety during "Back to the Future". I can't believe Doc had such bad luck with that stupid plug.

Working on Friday
Seemingly drags forever
When March Madness looms. #haiku  

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Booker T. Washington warned us. Now Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless are getting ratings for their thoughts on Chip Kelly.

Heading to the fatherland for the first time! Let me know if you have an advice about visiting Puerto Rico.

I just don't comprehend directions...that's all for today.

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My latest piece is a personal one; if you've ever struggled with your own creative outlet, you'll understand. I think it's worth reading for the quote towards the end at the very least, but see how a trip to PetSmart, a +Humans of New York  post and Chuck Close inspired creativity by encouraging not needing inspiration:
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