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Nicole C
Here I Come To Save My Day!
Here I Come To Save My Day!


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Catharsis, or "Hey, Look What The Cat Dragged In!"
Wow. Yet again, I have found myself procrastinating on
posting anything new. An entire year this time. This is the curse of writing a blog. There is no fire
under my ass to get something written. I always think I’m going to break
that cycle and be all gung-...

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Revelation Series: #3: "Good Enough"
...we are now at the THIRD in my Revelation series! It's about damn time for another one, aye?? That is the best--and worst--part of using a blog as a venue for expression: no deadlines. Creativity can flow without pressure or obligation. Maybe that means L...

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win. win. win. win. win. win. win. etc rinse & repeat

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Okay...going to re-vamp my Google+ stuff. No sense in under-utilizing it!
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