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Swami Solutions Payroll software is very simple and effective solution for Payroll Management for small to large organization. Our software uses best methodology to addresses payroll need of any organization and provides best output and ROI. Our Payroll software delivers significant benefits and values to client. Also we provide customize Payroll Software according to organization needs. We are very good in Payroll software and provide effective, innovative and flexible solution to our valuable customers. Our Payroll software is easy to use and also contains all features or modules.

Our software run in very smooth way and pays accurate salary, taxes etc. Also provides quick one click report of salary, Leave, attendance, Loan, PF etc. And it provides auto generate payslip of employee.

We have following modules in our Payroll Software –

Employee Management

Leave Management

Attendance Management

Loan Management

Appraisal Management

Salary Management

Gratuity, Income Tax Form 16 /12

Role, Security and Report


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Digital Marketing Benefits to Modern Business

Today’s, Business model is changing rapidly and Top companies are adopting Digital marketing according to their needs. Peoples are consuming digital content every day basis through different medium like Phones, Laptops, Desktop computer. So nobody can deny Digital marketing importance.

India is developing country where mobile users and Internet users are increasing very rapidly. So we need to change our Digital marketing strategy from our traditional approach to Digital platform.

Digital marketing has lot much potential for marketers and customer too. So there was age where websites are prepared or modified rarely but now a days it adopting by small to small organization and changing according to customer demands. So that’s why e-commerce market in boom in India.

So every organization needs to understand importance of Digital marketing and adopt Digital marketing service to gain sales and branding through digital marketing campaign.

Here are some benefits of Digital Marketing for every Organization:

To reach more potential customer

It is affordable

To go ahead of your Competitors

Increase Engagement of Customers

Increase sales

Trust by customer

Increase Business reputation.

Apart from these, through internet customer can access to information of company anytime from anywhere from any place they want on need it. So there is much benefit of Digital marketing and it will leads great changes in organization sales too. So every organization needs to adopt Digital marketing services according to their budget and always connect with their valuable customer. So Swami Solutions is India based Digital marketing agency which providers such services and having great experience in handling projects from India and globally. So if you need any consulting for same then don’t hesitate to call us or email us. We don’t want to grow alone. So Swami Solutions is providing free Digital Marketing consultation. If you like our presentation then only you needs to give projects to us. So we are waiting for your call and we are very much eager to serve you.

The bottom line is, Digital marketing services are here. That organization that fails to adopt Digital marketing services is going to greater risk in future. So it’s better to late than never. Let’s Join us get benefits of Digital Marketing Services in India and globally.
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Digital Marketing Services in India

Digital Marketing is medium to reach and convert leads in to customer and retain them for longer period of time. The Key Objective of Digital Marketing services is to promote brand, build performance, engage customer and increase sales through various Digital marketing techniques.

Now a day, there are huge expenses for marketing activities. So need to make a plan and strategy for marketing campaign. So every organization dividing their budget according to their marketing campaign cost. Now computer users are increased in huge quantity and also mobile app users too. So need to target them and spend some budget on Digital Marketing.

But organization needs to know following things:

How to make Digital Marketing Strategy?

How much need to spend on Digital Marketing?

How to choose right Digital Marketing agency?

How much ROI comes from Digital Marketing?

So need to analyse such information. So We Swami Solutions provides all necessary information and gives maximum ROI through Digital marketing.

Digital Marketing campaign contains lot much activities like SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ), SMO ( Social Media Optimization ), SEM ( Search Engine Marketing ), Email Marketing, Content Marketing, SMS Marketing and Display Advertising etc.

Swami Solution’s marketing consultant is specialist in understanding Digital Marketing requirement of customer and able to do Digital marketing strategy for any business in India and globally. We will help you to create a unique brand in market and also help to reach maximum customer through our Digital marketing services platform. We have served more than 1000 customers from India and globally.

A one stop agency in India which understands your Digital Marketing goal and help you to achieve them. Now a day, Digital Marketing is more competitive than ever. So you need an agency which has wider knowledge of Digital marketing and provides Digital marketing services in very affordable rate.

Why you are waiting? Make a call to our Digital Marketing expert and Get Best Digital Marketing services. It would be great pleasure to work towards mutually beneficial relationship.
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Internet / Online / Web Marketing Services

Internet marketing is very broad concept. But here we are trying to explain in few lines. So Internet Marketing is growing very fast from few decades. Why it is more popular now? Because of drastic changes in technology and world is accepting it very eagerly. So we need to consider it and need to apply such Internet marketing strategy to your business. Even it is more beneficial than traditional medium of marketing and it requires vey less investment as compare to traditional medium.

Internet Marketing is also called as Online Marketing or Web Marketing. It is kind of medium to do marketing and advertising through Internet and delivers promotional messages to consumer. It includes various task likes Search engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, email marketing, content marketing, Social media marketing, affiliated marketing, Display advertising and Mobile advertising.

Search Engine Optimization – Search Engine Optimization is process where you can bring your websites top in search engine like Google, Yahoo and Bing etc. It shows organic result. Now days, People are much aware about SEO. So everyone wants to his website on top in search engine. So need to SEO campaign and bring website top for query in search engine. Before doing SEO campaign need to analyse competition and find more searchable query in Search engine. So while choosing SEO agency need to know expertise of that SEO agency. There are two tasks in SEO which are On Page Optimization and second one is Off Page optimization.

Search Engine Marketing – Search engine marketing means doing advertisement on Search Engine like Google, Yahoo & Bing etc. This is paid advertisement and appears on Search engine where we have to make campaign and target customer through PPC – Pay Per Click & CPC – Cost Per Impressions. So here requires to apply adequate budget for campaign where we can target to particular country, state, Devices etc. It is more powerful tool to approach only target customer within time.

Email Marketing – This is process where you can reach your customer through email. Even this is really good medium to approach customer and updates about your products and services to customer.

Social Media Marketing – Social Media marketing is process of promoting websites, brand, product on Social sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google + and many more.

Affiliated Marketing – Here marketers pays to e-commerce websites, blog sites to sell products and bring customer to their business.

Display Advertising- This is kind of advertisement through banner on website or blog site to bring more traffic to website. It results to create awareness about products and services to customer.

Mobile Advertising – It is process where target to mobile user and promote products and services to target customer. Now day’s ecommerce websites are doing very powerful promotion on mobile devices.

So Internet Marketing is more powerful tool to connect with millions people around the world. So you can approach to your target customer within few seconds and most important is you need to spend very less amount of fund and get more ROI. Even there is more tools are available which helps to get report and analytics of internet marketing campaign and able to take right decision for business. I would like to say Internet is very nice medium for starter entrepreneurs to promote their business and get benefits of internet market to reach globally.

So there are different Internet marketing agencies are working on Internet marketing services like Swami Solutions is Pune based company and specialist in Internet Marketing services and having experience in similar fields and serving to customer from decades. So if you are looking for such services then get in touch with us.
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SEO Services In India

There were very few organizations working on SEO Services in India. But now there is enormous companies are working in Digital Marketing fields like SEO, SMO & SEM. So customer has got very much alternatives. So he is more confused to give Digital Marketing project. So need to understand expertise of SEO agency and only then give project to that SEO agency.

Everyone wants to be on First page, but only few deserve to be there. So you need to gain such rights from Search Engine for your website. So our approach is to find challenges, objective and understanding your business before applying any SEO Strategy for your website.

You need more traffic from Google, Yahoo & Bing etc. So need to optimize your website according to Search Engine. We optimize websites to get organic traffic and which leads sales to your business.

A Search engine Optimisation Company from Pune, India. We have provided professional Digital Marketing services like SEO, SMO & SEM to all sizes of business in India and around the world. So we have very rich experience to optimize business according to Search engine rules.

We have different package for Small Business to big e-commerce websites. Where you can choose plan according to your Digital Marketing needs. We have expertise in Search Engine Optimization services and served more than 1000 clients from India & worldwide since 2010. Even we believe in result oriented approach and try to give more benefits to customer through our SEO Services.

We have much expertise to recovering business from Google penalties. We cover different services under SEO which are as follow:

Backllink Generation

Keywords & market Research

On Page Optimization

Technical Audit

Penalty Recovery

Content Marketing

SEO Reporting & Analysis

Social Media Promotion
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