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The history of Pakistan!  
Pakistani Christians Demands Right to Cast Dual Vote
Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah’s constitutional guidelines of August 11, 1947, lie buried in the debris of opportunist constitutionalism and repeated inventive nationalism that does not treat religious minorities at par with the majority community. Yet, as a silver lining, it is still possible to redress many imbalances under the aegis of the political parties, the Election Commission of Pakistan and the higher judiciary.Though the 1998 census puts the religious minorities of Pakistan at 3.86%, the population today can be estimated at 6,665,093. Yet, considering the demographic spread, the analysis of the electoral rolls and past elections, depict an entirely different picture. Christians varying of 8.7% population is mostly concentrated in Islamabad, Punjab, Karachi and Quetta.Under the article 36 of the constitution, the state is obliged to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of minorities and presently under Article 51(4), ten seats are reserved for non- Muslims in the National Assembly. These seats are reserved for minorities in which the representatives are selected (not elected) by the political party which is in Majority. An example of that was Mr. Paul Bhatti who was a citizen of Italy for 37 years, he later came to Pakistan, obtained an identity card of the Country and became Federal Minister of Minorities. Was it necessary to appoint a foreigner as a Federal Minister of Minorities? Is there no leader in Pakistan from minorities? The system of reserved seats is unjust and is being enforced on minorities of Pakistan. Minorities particularly Christians need right to cast dual vote.Given an opportunity, the non – Muslims are capable of fielding candidates on general seats and capable of winning them in approximately 10 seats all over Pakistan; provided the political parties show the conviction and courage of fielding them. Alternatively, if properly utilized, they have the capability in these constituencies to swing results.We do not expect our problems to vanish over night nor are we seeking direct confrontation with the Government of Pakistan or for that matter the Muslim population. All we want is Justice and equal rights as Pakistanis, as enshrined in the Constitution of both Pakistan and the United Nations. We on our part are willing to cooperative with the government in making Pakistan a peaceful, progressive and developed nation provided we are treated as citizens with equal rights. The general attitude of the Christians is that of hopelessness, despair and if they could, they would love to depart Pakistan. Unfortunately that cannot happen, so the only final hope we Christians have is to look forward to United Nations 
and International/National Human Rights organizations’ assistance to improve our Quality of Life, where we can lead meaningful and decent lives without the constant fear of discrimination of one type or another.
Console Human Rights International Trust
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The most serious problems faced by Pakistani Christians are extrajudicial and targeted killings, disappearances, torture, rape, frequent mob violence, arbitrary detention and lengthy pretrial detention. Laws prohibiting blasphemy were used discriminatory against Christians. And a large proportion of bonded laborers are also Christians. This proves that Pakistan is the biggest enemy of Christians but still the world is silent.
Console Human Rights International Trust
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Pakistan: Christians In Prison Face Death Threats In Blasphemy Charge!
Pastor Aftab Masih Gill, Latif Masih and Shafqat Gill at a police station in Gujrat (Source: UCA News)
Pastor Aftab Masih Gill, Latif Masih and Shafqat Gill at a police station in Gujrat (Source: UCA News)
A Christian pastor and two other Christians have been arrested on trumped up “blasphemy” charges in Pakistan, and they are scheduled for a court appearance on October 16, 2015. Pastor Aftab Masih Gill, Latif Masih, and Shafqat Gill voluntarily surrendered to be arrested in the Gujrat district of Pakistan’s Punjab province in mid-August.
However, they are being denied a police escort for their protection, and fear extra-judicial death threats by extremists when going to the court appearance. They are being charged because of the word translating similar to “apostle” appeared on a poster, and in the misunderstanding they are being charged with blasphemy. According to Ahsan Masih Sandu, a local Christian leader, Aftab Gill printed the pamphlets to mark the anniversary of the death of his father, Fazal Masih. The pamphlet referred to biblical verses that used the word “prophet” to pay tribute to his father for years of service to the local religious minority community.
Local Christian leader Ahsan Masih Sandu stated: “We [Christians] have already apologized to our enraged Muslim brethren for this misunderstanding and asked for forgiveness, but they have rejected our apology and pressed the police to arrest the organizers.” Sandu also noted that three days before the arrests, local officials demolished the walls of St. Savior Church, a 120-year-old church, in order to build a parking lot. “We have lodged an official complaint with the district commissioner against the demolition of walls,” he said.
Their Muslim attorney is seeking their release over what he views as an “exaggeration” leading to the spurious charges.
Agenzia Fides reports:
“Christians accused and arrested for alleged blasphemy are in danger of being killed in an extrajudicial killing. As Fides learns, Protestant Pastor Aftab Gill, Unatan Gill and two other Christians currently detained in the central prison of Punjab, should appear in court on October 16, but the court has refused to provide them an escort. Family members fear that, in the transfer, they can be killed by the radicals.
The four are accused of insulting Islam by publishing, on the occasion of a funeral, some posters in which the word ‘rasool’ (Urdu: Apostle) was used which is an attribute of the Prophet Muhammad (see Fides 20/08/2015). A month ago the court denied the release of the Christians, but granted bail to Muslim printmaker who printed the posters. The NGO CLAAS (Centre for Legal Aid, Assistance and Settlement) says that ‘the judge was biased because the term ‘rasool’ is found in the Bible in Urdu and Christians had no blasphemous intention.’ Imtiaz Shakir, Muslim lawyer who defends Christians in court, told Fides: ‘The trial is an exaggeration, one is abusing the word rasool, which in Urdu means messenger. The accusation is preposterous, the whole system is biased, local authorities are looking for an opportunity for another extrajudicial killing’. ‘My religion – Shakir continues – does not allow me to endorse such injustice: these innocent people are suffering because of a misunderstanding of Islam. This is a failure of the judicial system and an abuse of power. Not only Christians but all Pakistani citizens who believe in the rule of law and justice should speak out to defend these innocent people.'”
Console Human Rights International Trust
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The world is facing a bad time.
Years ago the west, led by US started the "Madrissa System" to recruit "Mujahedeen" for the Afghan-Russian war. After that they abandoned them.
I am sorry they started using them as proxies in other places like Lybia, Syria and perhaps in Iraq too.
Years ago I wrote, "WW111 will be fought on the streets of the world in the name of religion."
It looks eminent now, in a way it is good. Perhaps the world leaders have realized how they messed up in Geo-Political issues of the world.
*~The Prime Minister of UK now, strongly speaks against these "Madrissa System" and calls them production Houses of terrorism and extremis, counting a few abuses inside that system, but falls short of :- speaking about the sexual abuses and poverty of the families of these kids, due to over population in poor countries..
Perhaps he does not know that.
The Home Department of UK is lethargic. They even do not know how many terrorists have entered the EU in disguise of the Refugees.
Console Human Rights International Trust
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لندن (نیوزڈیسک) برطانوی وزیراعظم ڈیوڈ کیمرون نے مسلم مدارس بند کرنے کا اعلان کر دیا ہے۔ انہوں نے کہا کہ ملک سے شدت پسندی کے خاتمے اور برطانیہ کو محفوظ بنانے کیلئے ہرممکن قدم اٹھائیں گے۔ گزشتہ روز کنزرویٹو پارٹی کے سالانہ اجلاس سے خطاب میں برطانوی وزیراعظم کی توپوں کا رخ مسلمانوں کی طرف …
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Pakistan – Attack On Teacher For Being Christian

Pakistan Christian Teacher - Saddique Azam (Source: Christians in Pakistan)
Pakistan Christian Teacher - Saddique Azam (Source: Christians in Pakistan)
A Pakistan Christian teacher at a school in a small village has beaten and tortured by extremists because of his Christian religion, in rejection and denial of his universal human rights.

Agenzia Fides reports that Saddique Azam, a Catholic teacher appointed headmaster at a primary school in the village of Pernawa was beaten and tortured by a group of extremist teachers who rejected his authority. Fides lawyer Sardar Mushtaq Gill states that “Christians in Pakistan continue to suffer discrimination because of their faith and given the existence of laws that legitimize discrimination.”

The report states that Pakistan teacher Saddique Azam was appointed as a headmaster of a school in the village of Pernawa three months ago, but extremists rejected his work there. He was called term “choora” pejorative used to describe Christians in Pakistan (it is the name of a low caste). Other non-Christian “teachers complained to the district authority of the Education Officer in Kasur because the appointment had been assigned to a Christian. Azam has been under massive pressure and was asked to resign, but he refused.” Fides reports that on October 5, 2015, extremist teachers “barged into his office and sat at his desk. When Azam walked in his office he asked for explanations, and after showing yet another refusal to resign, the three teachers started beating him, causing him several injuries and trauma, and was treated in hospital. The rest of the school staff intervened and called the police, who arrested the three attackers.”

Pakistan Christian Teacher - Saddique Azam
Pakistan Christian Teacher – Saddique Azam (Source: Christians in Pakistan)
Console Human Rights International Trust
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Christian Community in Pakistan: Christian community is the largest religious minority of Pakistan and it comprises approximately 13% of the population of Pakistan in current statistics figure. Christian's History in Pakistan: At the time of newborn Pakistan establishment, the figures were approx 5% that is increasing with time. 90% of Christian community of Pakistan resides in Punjab and represent the largest religious minority of the province, and majority of them about 60% lives in villages, and have been living in these areas for long time rather than Muslims. Founder of Pakistan Speech about Minorities of Pakistan: What was the Status of minorities in Pakistan, In this regards Quaid –e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah‘s Speech, reference is enough of August 11, 1947, which he said: “Now you are free related to any religion or caste or creed you may, But it’s not concerned to state’s business, Thank God that we did not initiate in the circumstances, but we are starting in a discriminatory behavior, and any disparity or a remembrance of any community shared attitude towards caste or creed against, we primarily getting started with principle that we has a state of equal citizens but not equal rights still reading Muslim education in schools and colleges” Pakistan in Current Situation, Christian Community & Our Mission: Christianity is the second largest religious minority in Pakistan, after Hinduism. The total number of Christians in Pakistan was approximately 30,900,000 in 2012, or 13% of the population. Of these, approximately half are Roman Catholics and half Protestants. Most Christians in Pakistan are descended from recent converts during British rule. Although, Extremism and terrorism is on the rising in Pakistan, so on that occasion, every Christian, Hindu and Muslim of this country must work together for the development of Pakistan but all minorities always doing under the uneducated Muslim peoples. The Christians are very educated here but not give the proper rights and according to education post of job. If there is full faith harmony then they respect each other on based of humanity rather religious ground. For the formation and development of Pakistan, Christian community along with Muslims had played very dangerous role. Afterwards our Christian generation not having a freedom and equal rights. The Christian has not fully religious freedom, made on the basis of a few tragedy some people mustard add to up to a maintain, just to get foreign funds that’s not true at all. Christians are patriotic of Pakistan and they loved Pakistan yesterday, today and will continue to Love but now this time all Christians are worried about blasphemy law and persecutions examples you can visit on Google/or Facebook. Savior Incident of Christians in Pakistan: 01- Shanti Nagar all Christian village burnt by Muslim of Pakistan. 02- Gojra all Christian village burnt and 9 Christian boys killed by Muslim of Pakistan. 03- Sangla Hill 04- Sambreal 05- District Qasoor 06- Rimpa plaza Karachi. 07- Badami bagh Lahore 08- Peshawar church blast 09- Shama and Shahzad live burnt 10- Rimsha case 11- Asia bibi case 12- Yohanabad church 2 bomb blast 13- Near about 2400 blasphemy fake cases raised from 1998 to till now. 14- Shahbaz Bhatti murdered(Federal minorities Minister ) 15- Salman Taseer murdered. 16- Etc. We want answer to the any government of Pakistan it Quid E Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah Pakistan ? My answer (Never,never,never) We are not save in Pakistan Because we have never equal rights/not freedom/Raising persecutions/raising blasphemy cases many problems. Console Human Rights International Trust
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