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2017 Session dates: March 18 April 15 May 20 June 10 July 1 & 22 August 12 September 9 October 14 November 18 To contact our co-ordinators, click through to the  Wiltshire Wildlife Trust website

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Parish Life - February 2017
I was very interested to read a recent article in the Saturday Guardian by Alys Fowler. In it, she was advocating a messy garden over the winter, to provide a place for insects, especially butterflies and moths, to hibernate. The “old stems, dead leaves, ...

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Parish Life - November 2015
November brings our last working session of the year and
we DESPERATELY need hands to help clear the compost that has built up over the
raking season.   This call goes out to all
able-bodied persons and if you can only come for this one event of the year,

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Parish Life - April 2015
he date for our monthly practical and social session is Saturday April 18th 09.30-12.00. Everyone welcome to pop in for a while and help out a little if you wish. The countryside is under tremendous pressure for a multitude of uses. Genuine wild places h...

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Parish Life - March 2015
I recently discovered an old book of my Mother’s, dating
from 1939.   It was titled “Romany and
Raq” written by the ‘Romany of the B.B.C.’ (a.k.a. G. Bramwell Evens). The book
was full of old country lore and aphorisms.   For March, the writer described spr...

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End of year review 2014
It's hard to believe that we've come to the end of another year at the churchyard. It's been an exciting year where we've not only done our standard work, but also done extra activities such as testing the soil pH of the churchyard. We've also had a good ti...

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The Lifetime Achievement Award - Ivan Randall
I am very happy to announce that Ivan Randall, one of our coordinators, has won a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust. Ivan has been a long-time volunteer with the Trust, putting in thousands of hours in practical work as well as pr...

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Practical Session Report - July 2014
I missed the June session as I was away on honeymoon, so this is the first practical session report since May. Even including the rain, it was a lovely session. We recorded many species of plants in flower, with 29 that had started flowering this month and ...

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Book Review: God's Acre by Francesca Greenoak
Front cover of God's Acre by Francesca Greenok Illustrated by Clare Roberts. Prior to the weekend just gone, I had no idea a book like this existed. It was given to us as a wedding gift by one of our churchyard friends. Francesca's beautiful flowing prose i...

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Wiltshire Living Churchyard Annual Seminar 2014
This year's seminar was held in the beautiful village of Chilmark. We all gathered in the village hall for a short introduction to the day we all wandered up to the church for a session on identifying some of the common grasses. Grass Identification This se...
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