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I am the original (real) Izlude.
I am the original (real) Izlude.

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Today's topic: The Saturn Matrix and Real life NPCs.

I was watching this video earlier: Interesting stuff inside, but it got me thinking about my original post regarding "The Sociopath". Here's a short recap if you missed that bit:

The Sociopath is a living body with no spirit/soul/pilot/consciousness. These "flesh robots" act purely on instinct. You interact with them, and think they are real people, but they are not. They cannot express true emotions (although you may see them cry, laugh or get angry, these are simply survival stimuli). Unlike real humans, they don't experience emotions. They use them as a means to manipulate those around them, simply to climb their way to the top of the evolutionary ladder.

I firmly believe that a sociopath is a real life NPC. There are in fact, a LOT of these things out there in the world.. too many really, and that is a problem for the Archons. This now brings us to the Saturn Matrix.

The Saturn Matrix is a system of soul recycling. When you die, you may be greeted by someone (angel, family member, light worker etc..) and sent to the light at the end of the tunnel. Your memory is wiped out and you are given a life review. You are told that you have negative Karma to repay and you are sent back to Earth to repay this Karma.

Popular Media hides this in plain sight

That angel or family member is actually an agent of the Archons. The system is quite ingenious really. Archons feed on negative energy. The Saturn Matrix is a free energy grid where we are the food and recycled countless times. When you are reborn, you have to suffer to repay the negative karma. For that to happen, someone else has to commit atrocities against you. That creates new negative energy, which they harvest. That new person who did the wrong against you will die one day, be told they have to repay the negative karma, be reborn and the cycle continues.

(The truth is, Karma is Bullshit! You don't have to repay anything! This is a topic for another time though.)

With that out of the way... we can find out what NPCs really are and why they are a problem for the Archons. Archons recycle SOULS. Sociopaths (NPCs) do not have souls. Imagine a farm with 5% real livestock and 95% imaginary livestock.

The Archons' agents on Earth are attempting population control, which would limit the number of bodies here so that the real people (with souls) can be managed more easily. The souls that become trapped in this matrix are becoming harder to account for because there are so many soulless NPCs being born out there. New physical bodies will outnumber the number of newcomer souls that come into this energy matrix.

I suspect that when an NPC dies, an agent may attempt to contact a soul, but finds none, where if a real person dies, they may have a chance of discovering what is really going on while the agent is busy elsewhere. This may lead to escape from the Saturn Matrix.

With less NPCs through population control, finding the real souls is more likely to occur for these agents.

This concludes the post. Feel free to comment, agree, disagree, call me crazy or whatever. But now that you've been exposed to this info, you can never go back to sleep again. Peace out!

#SaturnMatrix #Archons #FlatEarth #Sociopaths #SoulRecycling #Saturn #NewWorldOrder #Illuminati #Freemasons #Reptilians #NonHumanEntities #Aliens #UFO

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Fly to the North Pole eh? Well, for the rest of you, it doesn't have to be just Flat Earth, maybe concave, hollow, simulated, or even ball if you're still into it (but suspect there may still be hidden lands). There's no reason why this project should receive opposition, unless there really is something to hide ;) Well keep this in mind folks, taking video of the lands from above does NOT cause Global Warming or melt polar ice caps. Again, there's no reason for opposition. Just let the footage be shot, shared and enjoyed. I would LOVE to participate in such a project... although I may need to win the lottery first.

Public Service Announcement!!!! UPDATED

Are you thinking about buying a printer? Want to do those 13x19 posters? T-Shirt Transfers? Are you a member of T-Shirt forums? Did anyone there recommend a printer to you? You need to be aware of Epson's more recent printers.

I've updated this post with some important information. A lot of these printers have had reports of fatal clogging. At first I thought it was limited to their Precisioncore equipped printers, but it seems to extend to a wide range of their units, even those without Precisioncore.

The problem exists within the print heads. There are super fine metal mesh filters. Most printers have these filters, but the ones in the more recent machines are a lot finer. Rather than just catch dust, they also trap pigments in the ink, leading to clogs more often and a lot harder.


Modern printers include all the WF-3000, 4000, 7000, and ecoTank series. How far back this goes is not easy to pinpoint, so other printers may be at risk, such as the 2000 series. The 7010 is also high risk.

Models that I know that DON'T (or shouldn't) contain these "super fine" filters are the Stylus, XP and Artisan printers (they contain a "less fine" filter)

So what kind of clogs are we looking at?

Regular Clogs are when the pigments coagulate and slowly deposit in the spaces "between" the mesh weave of less fine filters, blocking ink flow to the nozzles. They can easily be flushed and cleaned.

Fatal Clogs are when the pigments pile up and smear like silly putty against the fine weave of these newer filters and block the passage of the ink to the nozzles. These clogs cannot be flushed.


I would like to suggest the Artisan 1430 since it is identical to the last good printer Epson has ever made, the WF-1100. It does not contain the finer filter, it prints 13x19, can do DVD labels and is wireless.

The reason I love the WF-1100 so much is because it printed images so crisp and smooth, better than anything my 7620 was able to produce. I had it connected to a CIS using Cobra Inks and it was the perfect setup. When it did clog, it was easily flushed out (and clogs weren't common anyway). I don't have it anymore since the cat peed on it and destroyed it. (currently attempting to buy another).

The WF-1100 goes for about $70 - 200 used (I personally wouldn't pay more than $100 + shipping). NIB has been floating around for $700, a total rip off. NIB should max out at $200 and nothing more.

The Artisan 1430 brand new is $300, expensive but definitely worth it. If you do 3rd party ink like Cobra, you'll pay only $10 more for a 6-pack (4 oz) vs 4-pack. Not bad really..


My past experience if you care...

When I got my 7620, it printed a few posters and pages, then suddenly stopped producing yellow. I cracked open the print head to have a look and found what looked like chewed up yellow gum lodged in there.

Bought a new 7610 to replace it, ended up dying the same way in a few months of regular use (using a CIS). I tried using 3rd party filters to thin out the ink, but in the end it still ended up clogging.

Got a 3640 on sale (new) and used Epson's own Durabrite ink (no CIS this time). It died of the fatal clog.

I would love it if Epson made a 7620 second edition, which contained the print head of the 1100. This would make me so happy as it would be the BEST printer in the world to me. Are you listening Epson??? Please do this!

The 7620 is an awesome printer because it has a massive scanner and other cool features, but sucks because the print head produces grainy images and clogs easily. FIX THIS NOW!

#Printers #Epson #Precisioncore #Tshirt #TshirtForums #TshirtPrinting #T-Shirt #T-shirtForums #T-ShirtPrinting #WF7620 #WF7610

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And now for a commercial break. Drink up kids.

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Welcome to my new feed, where I Caricaturize AND make fun of all those dorks from the Illuminati! Let's start with this bozo! He's so stupid, he actually thinks people worship him.. or her... whatever the fuck it is.. LOL

#Freemason #AllSeeingEye

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Fidel Castro is dead once again! Do you remember? It was shortly after he resigned in 2008, he became quite ill and exhibited a very strange cough.. then pronounced DEAD!!!!

Yet he lives and dies AGAIN! What the hell is going on here? We're fighting more than just superstition here folks.

Could this be a glitch in the Saturn Matrix? Is the LHC to blame? HE'S ALREADY BEEN DEAD FOR YEARS!!!!!

#SaturnMatrix #Saturn #FidelCastro #Castro #MandelaEffect

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What is "The World Tree"?

On a Flat Earth existed a single giant tree, and like some trees today, had extensions that reached far out and other trees grew from the extensions.

What evidence might there be for this? There's devil's tower, which most suspect is an old tree stump from a MASSIVE tree. Other such structures exist throughout the world.

More interestingly, on Ellesmere Island (near the center of the plane), we see what appear to be a high concentration of roots popping out of the ground, and boy are these things HUGE. The World Tree being near the center, would show evidence of a high concentration of roots, and there they are!!!

So where is the tree now? Was it cut down? Is it hidden? Inaccessible? Sailors have attempted to sail in and out of the area and always come out disoriented or lost, similar to that of the Bermuda Triangle.

What are the relationships between this tree and the possibility of a Simulated reality? Perhaps the simulation is an attempt to locate this tree in the real world? It's all speculation from this point on... first thing's first, find that tree! Follow the roots! Where will they take you? Unless you can get past the coast guard, which guards the center of the plane (more than they do the outer ice ring), we may never know...


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Mandela Effects are interesting... there's absolutely NO way to debunk them.. and the reason is because of the following example:

Person1 is from Timeline1, Person2 is from Timeline2.
Person 1 and 2 agree that it SHOULD be Mirror Mirror because that's how it was in their respective timelines.

They disagree on That's a knife vs THIS is a knife because they are truly different in each one's own timeline.

Person1 has somehow shifted over to Person2's timeline... (or they could both have shifted over to an entirely different (3rd) timeline.

Then there's the appearance of entirely new content:

The Berenstain Bears. All 3 timelines have something different. I remember bern.. NOT beren in bernstein bears. And now we have beren-stain (an entirely new entity containing the unfamiliar beren along with the unknown stain instead stein).

Take the diagram into consideration:

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So there's this place called Kidspace Museum, I guess they have'em around the US... but this is going way back to the late 80s. I went to the one in Pasadena California.

It's a playground of sorts where you learn while you play on various activities. What I want to share with you today is my traumatic experience with... THE ANT FARM!

They had this giant maze attached to the wall and they called it the ant farm. I must have been 4 or 5 years old at the time, just there for a short visit (picking up my sister who spent the day there)... I remember looking up at this thing and going woaaah cool....! (little did I know it would haunt me forever).

I saw my brother and sisters going up in there, tried to follow them, but they... magically disappeared!!!

Seriously, what the hell? Walk into the first tunnel and hit a wall. There was no place to climb up, it was a friggin wall!!!! It didn't help that there were no lights inside, it was pitch black!!! There were small little windowed holes to look out from into the room, that's about it, but still completely dark inside. I was soooo mad that I couldn't proceed further into the maze, always moving out of the way so other kids could get through and not know how they got further in.

10 minutes later, it was time to go home. Later that week I had nightmares about the maze. In my dreams I would get far into the maze, but get lost/stuck and unable to get out. CLAUSTROPHOBIA SETS IN. Nightmare continued for years.... not everyday, just like... every few months, but for years......

Just thinking about that maze sends shivers down my spine... Wondering if anyone out there will see this and remember this place?

Check out the illustration. It shows where I got stuck and what I now believe was the actual solution. If only I were a bit older, I'd probably have had more fun.

#KidspaceMuseum #Kidspace #Izlude

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Well it's done... the Halloween Youtube Poop of the year! Word of warning, mature content... (NSFW) Enjoy!
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