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Tales From The Edit Suite
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Trials & Tribulations of a Post Production Edit Suite
Trials & Tribulations of a Post Production Edit Suite

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I Hate Politics

We have a lot of ground to cover about many things.... so I shall begin in the middle as the mind of an artist is rarely linear..

For starters such a page about the inside of an edit room is rare yah very rare, in truth no editor has time for social media or Blogs we're all too busy trying to please Directors and producers and executives on productions, or scrapping a living doing what we love... security what security I have a job for life but my life is not long enough to make a living from it... but if an editor is smart they will be multi skilled, which we'll pick up on in another rare post.

Feature Film Editing can be less about the art in this industry and more about egos, politics and the bottom line after all it is a business. Whats art got to do with the movie industry.. or "cut out that bit I don't get it" where in fact the bit they refer to could be the most memorable cinematic moment in the whole film... to explain as an editor to a producer that has no idea about the art of editing is a loose loose battle.
Even many directors should not step foot in the edit suite until they read up on the theory of editing... Editing is not about matching shots for continuity and overall pace of the film it is so much more it is a Juxtaposition of frames of art next to each other in a gallery of motion... everything interconnected and even the most inconspicuous object in frame can mean more than the words spoken by the lead... 
The edit is the last rewrite of the script you may have heard, yet editors are rarely recognised for this or for their tireless hours of finessing the edit making not only the director look great but the actors and DOP to name but a few in those who make a film.

I would wish one day that editors are viewed as equals to DOP's and directors as our job is every bit as important in the production of the film and duly recognise that a film is not the directors film but every single person that worked on the film as a team. At this point you may feel this post is unstructured but I would say its an assemble post as an editor never admit to any director you've spent weeks/months perhaps over an edit and you're happy with it, you wont last.. Always delay as long as possible some would say before revealing the first cut of the film though never call it that as directors think they're the ones that do the "first cut" condescending your entire existence as a professional experienced editor that studied all the greats from Russian American Italian cinema... no they have not done any of this but of course they are more qualified than you to edit the movie as after all they're the director right and they have the final say? That is of course fantasy as directors are as editors as DOP's are we're all hired by the producer on the film controlled by the executive financier we all are expendable if the film is becoming uncommercial as after all its the bottom line that counts and not art?

Bit of a random post this but it draws from the truth and actual events...

Next time...  I will randomly cover something else perhaps the tools of the trade and why it sucks to be an editor or why editors will die young from inactivity lol
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