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People ask me what my style is?

My style is that I love to tattoo! So with saying that I mean I basically tattoo all styles for the most part. I try to be a diverse tattooer that would be able to tattoo what ever you the customer wants!

I believe that you should go into any “style” of tattooing the same with clean line work and solid color or shading! My formula for tattooing is the same for all tattoos do your best every time and always try to learn from every tattoo so you will always improve your skills to be a successful tattooer!

Tattoos aren’t Cheap & Cheap Tattoos aren’t Good! is a saying that has been around for a long time and I believe in it!

Tattooing and Tattoo collectors have came a long way over the years we have both had to learn to work with each other to create a art piece that both are satisfied with.

That’s why take pride in my good customer service… I believe that the Art starts before you start drawing or tattooing it starts with communicating with the client to gather as much info, like and dislikes before the drawing begins.

I also take pride in my High Standards for Professionalism and Cleanliness – Sanitizing , washing of hands – new needles, single use of ink EVERY TIME… for your safety and mine!
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Triple6Tattoo 2550 S Rainbow Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89146
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