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Heart + Hands = Art
Heart + Hands = Art

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Finally getting around to sharing this lovely Lady! She's already at Her new home...but I wanted to share Her just the same! <3
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Reminding us of nature’s profound beauty, these photographs will transport you across the globe. Take a look through our favorite Photo of the Day images from June. #NatGeoProof

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O and finally! Happy to share this lovely bit of novelty yarn. Faun-ly reminds me of pleasant memories...

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"Suspicion is the companion of mean souls and the bane of all good society." - Thomas Paine

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Don't I know it.  I'm forever obsessing over making things!
Obsession is essential to creativity.
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Debating as to whether the #Xena marathon is apropos for tonight's bout of #latenightworking .  It's true that I can't do more than one thing but I really treat tv like radio these days.  A product of #parenthood .

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Finally updated the quantity...even more gray now! WOO!

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I love to try new things!

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I"m ready to cozy up with a good Poe story...aren't you?
Nevermore ~ Throw
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Boynal and the Anomalies - The Biella Series Ch16 Pt13 (Cont. from: always led to magic.”

A message was waiting from Boynal. “I have been given an opportunity for a three months break. I was doing a counselling course, and it wasn't working out, and I told the people I needed to go realise something, and three months is the time allowed in the CM on a visa, and I'm at the point of going back or letting go. Maybe me moving on will let our relationship become stronger through time.”

Boynal added, “Aye it makes the heart grow fonder I suppose. Thanks, I think I am there now.”

“Impeccability is always to the larger, the longer term, context. We have to trust the shorter term will take care of itself. But it is about being too eager.”

“Aye, it will, he is a clever boy”

Biella continued her thought, “That can make us pushy. It can stifle others from learning at their pace and what they need to learn.”

Nora added, “About time he started to let go a bit. Seems control is a bit of an issue.”

“I'm not to eager, I have been sitting around in this place for a long time on my own,” said Boynal.

“Three months is nothing anyway,” put in Heleneia. She wanted to get back to the mystery, but the timing wasn't there.

“Aye it isn't really is it.”

“Nope - a blink.”

“A drop in the ocean.”

“Yeah,” Heleneia was allowing Boynal time to assimilate. To come to grips with his issue. Time for him to get comfortable with this new reality he now found himself in.

“Thanks, fear is a monster until we face it.”

But there was too little. Heleneia looked at Biella who said, “And where's the abandonment? - it's such a short time and you'll always be there for him anyway, just in a different way. In all likelihood that different way of communicating will strengthen the bond. Happy to share.”

“Aye, I can connect with him from afar, it may also let him see the world is so much more that a small town,” Boynal replied.

Heleneia turned to the group, “What is the problem here. Boynal seems to understand everything, the entire problem, his part in it and yet something's missing.”

“He can't shoot,” Hrmumpt said. Aki and Nora gave him mock slaps, chuckling happily. “He can't pull the trigger,” they said in unison. “You should've checked with grandpa here,” they teased Comelius. “He probably really pulled a trigger when he was a 'young man.'” They giggled at their joke which had no effect on either Hrmumpt or Comelius.

“Yes,” Heleneia said, “He has nothing that presses him, that allows him to come to a decision. He is lost inside his own sensibility.”

Biella replied to Boynal, “Yes. That's huge. Perspective shifting.” Her comment applied to what Heleneia said as well.

“Aye, it was for my son that I gave up my life and the way I was, to grow spiritually.”

Biella, ”In these adventures, life changes and alignments to the big picture, that is always a recurring theme - we get kicked out of the nest every time we become entrenched in a perspective.”

“I didn't want him to feel the hurts I felt.
Seem I am being kicked.
The nest is getting smaller and smaller,” Boynal said.

“A bit of guilt maybe,” Marko observed.

“Until we learn to always be shifting perspective, and looking at everything from multiple perspectives as a matter of course, we are going to get that boot every time we get stuck in one.”

“Aye, I think the Universe is seeking for me to fly the nest.
Nothing new grows in the comfort zone.”

“It's always so obvious at some point, yes?” Biella asked.

“Aye, it is.”

Biella was laughing. Time to release some of the intensity. “I'm laughing in joy over here - and at myself - many of us have been where you are,”

Boynal added, “Now it is just having the focus and mindset.”

Heleneia smacked her one hand down on the other, “There it is!” She grinned. “He just said it. Now apply that.”

“We're always such clueless idiots until the obvious kicks in,” Biella said. “One thing I will add - external discussion.”

“Aye, I know I'm a fecking idiot.”

“It is one of the reasons for our oral tradition, the main reason is for the input from the Universe. The public part of it is as a means for external expression.” Biella said.

“External expression?”


Continued in ...

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