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The official G+ community of the Singapore Memory Project
The official G+ community of the Singapore Memory Project

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We are launching this month's theme "Schools Past & Present" with the participation of students from SOTA, TJC, NP and ITE. This series will see them taking part in a photo walk within their school localities to chronicle their own school memories.  

Want to join in and give heritage photography a shot? Guess what! We're hosting a public tour of our Bras Basah area (details here: smpgphotowalksg). There's also a photography contest (details here:gphotowalksg), to be held concurrently on July 28.

So start sharing right away! Use #sgmemory to upload pictures from your school days and recount your favourite memories!

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Holla peeps! Glad to have made your acquaintance at Google on Saturday. Now that Monday blues are finally wearing off, let's think happy thoughts and revisit your fondest school memories, ok?

I'll start with mine: Zero Point!

Long thought to be a girlish game, I remember how the boys at my school would actually make it into some competitive sport of high jumping, even conjuring crazy "stages" involving stacked chairs and jumping with cups of water. What were some of the inventive games you played during your school days? Share them here~

Do also check out one offshoot "Games We Played" microsite!

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TGIF(riday the 13th)!

In case you're still wondering who we are and what this is about, irememberSG is the official G+ community for the Singapore Memory Project.

The nation-wide Singapore Memory Project was started in 2011 to collect, preserve and provide access to memories and stories related to Singapore, led by the Ministry of Information, Communications and the Arts (MICA) project and facilitated by the National Library Board

The goal of the Singapore Memory Project is to engage individuals, communities, groups or institutions who have formed memories and content about Singapore and would like to contribute them.

 Have you visited the portal yet? Have a go at it!

Feels good to be on G+!!!
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