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Moustafa Alzantot
سأعيش رغم الداء و الأعداء...كالنسر فوق القمة الشماء
سأعيش رغم الداء و الأعداء...كالنسر فوق القمة الشماء
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What I learnt from EDX 6.008 Computational Probability and Inference (Week 1 Notes)

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I have a question regarding NDK toolchain.
I am developing an Android NDK application that I am going to run on Nexus 5 phone which has snapdragon 800 (32 bit processor).

I am using Android Studio with NDK on My Mac OS X 64 bit computer.

I have noticed that the toolchain used by AndroidStudio for compiling my code is "aarch64-linux-android" which means that my code is compiled into 64bit .
How can I configure Android Studio to let the toolchain know that the target processor is 32 bits architecture ?

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Remembering ‪#‎AaronSwartz‬ — Died 3-Years Ago Today ‪#‎Respect‬ ‪#‎Geek‬
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I wonder which machine learning models can be effective for the task for "stock return forecasting" ? for example, can ConvNets or LSTM perform well on that ? are you aware about any previous work done on that problem ?


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Moustafa Alzantot commented on a post on Blogger.
Very useful post, thanks for it !

Post has shared content : arXiv papers, associated github repos & a discussion forum, all on one page: Inviting all researchers to help out linking code and articles together for the sake of open science :)
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