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Moustafa Alzantot
سأعيش رغم الداء و الأعداء...كالنسر فوق القمة الشماء
سأعيش رغم الداء و الأعداء...كالنسر فوق القمة الشماء
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I published another article in my series of "deep reinforcement learning demystified" tutorials.
New article covers Value-Iteration, Policy-Iteration and Q-Learning. With code examples solving FrozenLake8x8 and MountainCar problems from OpenAI gym, you gonna implement algorithms that learns how to reach a goal while avoiding to fall in a frozen lake, and how a car can climb a mountain as fast as possible .
If you have any feedback or questions, feel free to contact me !

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I am writing a series of articles and code samples on Medium on explaining "Deep Reinforcement Learning".
Hope you find them useful!.
If you are interested, feel free to share and let me know if you have any questions/comments.

First article: Deep Reinforcement Learning Demystified.

Second article: Genetic Algorithm for Reinforcement Learning

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What I learnt from EDX 6.008 Computational Probability and Inference (Week 1 Notes)
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I have a question regarding NDK toolchain.
I am developing an Android NDK application that I am going to run on Nexus 5 phone which has snapdragon 800 (32 bit processor).

I am using Android Studio with NDK on My Mac OS X 64 bit computer.

I have noticed that the toolchain used by AndroidStudio for compiling my code is "aarch64-linux-android" which means that my code is compiled into 64bit .
How can I configure Android Studio to let the toolchain know that the target processor is 32 bits architecture ?

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Remembering ‪#‎AaronSwartz‬ — Died 3-Years Ago Today ‪#‎Respect‬ ‪#‎Geek‬
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I wonder which machine learning models can be effective for the task for "stock return forecasting" ? for example, can ConvNets or LSTM perform well on that ? are you aware about any previous work done on that problem ?

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